Kill Bill Vol. 2 -- disappointments & quibbles (unboxed spoilers)

Yeah, the name thing seemed pretty pointless to me.

I’m with you here - Pei Mei wouldn’t have thought Elle would try to kill him in such a cowardly way, instead of besting him in battle. He didn’t take into account that she might have wanted him dead even more than she wanted to beat him.

Here’s a thing that didn’t really disappoint me, I just found it interesting: at the end of Volume I, I was all about The Bride. (O-Ren was awesome too, but it was The Bride’s show from beginning to end.)

At the end of Volume II, The Bride has her revenge and that’s nice and everything, but I was totally more interested in Elle Driver. I just love the bitch. She had me at “gargantuan.”

So it kinda bugged me that I kept waiting for blind Elle to come back at the end, not because there was the remotest chance of that happening, but because I wanted to see her again!

Watched V2 DVD last night - really really liked it. I tend to look at QT films this way: He loves detail and complexity and referencing earlier films when it suits his purpose - when it doesn’t he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Hence, I don’t try to read to much into the gaps - I just let the film wash over me.

Having said that, I didn’t catch the “She’s buried in Barstow” vs. being set in El Paso reference - nice catch. Seems like a clear mistake - or jeez, did BKiddo walk a long way…

Also got a bit of a wrong note with Elle being able to poison the Master. I got over it, but I did notice it.

Otherall, loved both of them. Loved Carradine as Bill - loved the “I overreacted” line - sometimes the bad guy is just crazy, y’know? I thought the Superman Speech was classic QT along the lines of the Like a Virgin Speech from Resevoir Dogs and others. Brought it all together…and I was okay with the truth serum because it was a workable contrivance that enabled the conversation they had…

All in all - a loving stew of a bunch of genres - I thought they were both great.

Wearing 2 eye patches, no doubt. :slight_smile:

Was Pei Mei supposed to be the same Pai Mei in Bill’s story, set in 1-double-ought-3? Ie, he’s extremely long-lived?

Well, he coudn’t have grown those eyebrows in the lifespan of an ordinary man!

I don’t see why it’s such a big deal the the massacre happened at the rehearsal rather than the wedding. The conversation is much more natural at the rehearsal and besides, wouldn’t having it happen at the wedding be just a bit too Hollywood?

Too Hollywood? Nothing is too Hollywood to happen in QT’s world - it’s like a trademark. The whole point was to embrace all the cliches of both cheesey chop-socky Eastern films and cheesey rootin-tootin Westerns. The lovelorn guy interrupting right before his lady-love marries the wrong man is a well worn Hollywood cliche (it’s in a Volkwagon ad, fercryinoutloud), which QT could have then punched holes in by having the guy go on to kill everybody when he doesn’t get his way.

Plus, my ire is not really because the massacre happened a the rehearsal and not the wedding, it’s because it’s stupid that the first movie made a Big Deal of it - the cops talk about it, we see The Bride all bloodied up in her wedding dress, “they even shot the piano player,” cha cha cha, it’s so horrible, and then in Vol II, The Bride introduces the flashback sequence by saying it wasn’t what it appeared, everyone’s got it wrong, blah blah blah…and the big surprise is that it was a wedding rehearsal.

So what?

That doesn’t change the perception of the narrative in any significant way. It’s just not dramatically important enough to make a Big Thing out of it, but they do. And they had to add an explaination for why everyone was in their wedding clothes when they were found in the first movie, to set it up for the rehearsal to be mistaken for an actual wedding. It’s hastily tacked-on retroactive continuity. That is just plain bad writing.

Plus, given that, honestly, I found Bill and The Bride’s conversation less than scintillating, I would have much rather seen Yuki’s Revenge, the plot line that got cut out in order to include the flashback, in which Go-go Yubari’s sister comes after The Bride. That would have tied into the first movie as well, continuing the theme set up with Vernita’s daughter, who presumably will also grow up to seek revenge against The Bride.

I don’t think this is necessarily a mistake. Budd said he pawned it in El Paso, but not that he lives in El Paso. Bill doesn’t say how long it’s been since they’ve spoken, only that it’s been a long time, but he could have hocked it right after the wedding massacre.

My huge, nagging question - if Elle killed Pai Mei, why doesn’t anyone else seem to know about it? In the years that followed Elle’s training, all during the time she was a member of DVAS, why didn’t it ever come up? Why didn’t Bill know? It seems that at least he would have found out, and been pissed.

Jenny, I too was dissappointed when pointed out that in the original script, Yuki would avenge Go-Go’s death.

Maybe QT plans on making a sequel?
One way it could be done… is in the point of view of Yuki, much as Kill Bill was for the bride. Kill The Bride (Terrible name… i know; used as just an example)
Another way could be in the point of view of Vernita’s daughter, in the form stated above; killing Beatrix and then final showdown with BB or something.
And then theres the openness of Elle… she could come back to kill Beatrix…

I dunno, I doubt QT will make a sequel… it would kind of spoil the whole thing… and seem too Hollywood: Cashing in on a good movie to make a sequel that wasn’t planned in the first place.
But even if he does, I’d still watch it. QT’s movies are great :smiley:

I can understand nobody knowing about Pei Mei’s death if none of the Vipers have been to see him – he was a thousand-year-old mountaintop hermit. I don’t think he had email :stuck_out_tongue:

Even weirder – Daryl Hannah is ten years older than Uma Thurman (heh, spellcheck wants that to say Yuma Thursday), so the timeline is that Beatrix has been with the vipers longer than Elle? That would mean Elle trained last of all the vipers, even though she’s the oldest (Except for Budd), which just seems weird. When I first saw the movie, I had a disagrement with the people I went with about this – did Elle kill Pei Mei and just lie about having finished her training, or did she go back to poison him much later, after she’d been a DiVA for a while?

I think you’re trying to nitpick a little too much there Jenny (although your past posts have brought up a few good points that I never thought about before). Hollywood has never let actors’ actual ages get in the way of getting the right person for the part - lets face it, there’d be a lot less teen comedies around if the principal actors actually had to be teenagers. I think you just need to suspend disbelief and assume that Beatrix and Elle are a similar age, whether their real-life counterparts are or not.

I read a couple of interviews around the release of Vol2 that suggested QT was toying with the idea of a sequel a long way down the line, the plot being Vernita’s daughter (Nikki?) seeking revenge on the Bride. He mentioned that whether or not he would eventually do it, he’d like to shoot a few scenes now so as to have the actors at their correct ages for flashback scenes.

I doubt it’ll happen, but it’s a nice idea. I know I’d see it if it ever was released.