Kill Bill

Hey does anyone know the name of the song or the artist in the ‘Kill Bill’ trailer?


I think it may be off the movie’s actual soundtrack, which Lars Ulrich (among others) worked on.

I’m looking forward to this… even though the teaser is a bit Charlie’s Angels-esque, the screenplay (or at least the early version I read) is VeryGood. And the basic concept of a Tarantino-directed old school martial arts film is just too cool to ignore. Not denying that it has the potential for major, all-out spider monkey suckage though.

can you be a little bit more specific?

Actually, yes: I recently saw it mentioned that the Kill Bill trailer music was taken from Shin jingi naki tatakai, the composer being Tomoyasu Hotei (who also stars in the film). That seems more likely than it being off the Lars Ulrich score. I’ll try to find the original message board post.

any luck finding the original post? im still having troubles finding that song :frowning:

See here for all the information you could want on the Kill Bill trailer music.

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Uh, Hyenuf, what does your (very old) joke have to do with the movie Kill Bill or its soundtrack?

It’s a line from one of Trantino’s movies … can’t remember which one, though.

Wow…that’s the one…finally found it
thanks a lot for the helP :D:D:D:D