Kill the wabbit!

Kill the wabbit
Kill the wabbit
Kill the wabbit…

I’m going to kill the wabbit !!!

Duck Season!

Baseball Season!

<grins evily>

Montoya Season…

Excuse me doc, but how you gonna do that?
I’ll use my spear and Magic Helmet!
Spear and Magic Helmet?
Spear and Magic Helmet!
Magic Helmet?
Magic Helmet!

Heh, Magic Helmet.

Oh mighty hunter, 'twill be quite a ta-a-a-ask.
How will you do it, might I inquire to a-a-a-ask?

The complete libretto

That was it. Dammit!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadoyawant with a waaaabit…?

If you want to see the wabbit get killed, check out the new Family Guy straight-to-dvd movie, “Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.”


Oh Bwunhilde, you’we so wovewy!

Sheep season! FIRE!!

That which does not kill the wabbit, makes him stwonger.

Uh…what’s up, doc?

What a Nimrod! :wink:

What a maroon! What a gull-i-bull!

You realize, of course, I will have to go home and watch this tonight. I have it on DVD! NEENER! NEENER! NEENER!

What a Tah-rah-rah Goon Dee- Ay.

Yes I know it. I can’t help it.

Welcome to my shop
Let me cut your mop
Let me shave your crop
Daaaaaintily (snip snip)
Daaaaaaainily (snip snip)