Killer Kowalski taken off life support

Story. He’s been mostly unresponsive since his heart attack August 9.

Not being a wrestling fan, is it wrong that the first thing I think of is:

“Whaddya want, Kowalski?”
“Whaddya wanna drink?”

my husband and i just saw a show the other day about the old-time wrestlers, and he was interviewed. i think it was several years old. i don’t think most people today are aware of just how popular wrestling was back in the 50s and 60s. all the kids loved it! r.i.p, killer.

:frowning: RIP Killer

I own a collection of essays on professional wrestling (titled Whatever Happened to Gorgeous George?). One of the chapters is titled “Killer Kowalski Believes in Sauerkraut”.

Apparently he wrapped his injured limbs in sauerkraut and Saran Wrap. Or at least a fan believed he did.


Before becoming one of the biggest, baddest heels (bad guy) in wrestling, “Killer” was “Tarzan” Kowalski, a babyface (good guy). By the way, Walter “Killer” Kowalski is a vegetarian.