killing a cell phone

For years at work, I carried a BlackBerry Bold. Relatively simple, useful and fine for my purposes; I am not a power user.

When that phone bit the big one, I acquired another phone. I don’t want to be insulting but at best, this phone is a POS. The damned thing usually won’t even make a call. It is complicated, unreliable and simply awful.

The company says I am stuck with it for two years. I want to kill the phone…dead…more dead and banish it to cell phone hell.

The issue is that water is obvious. I could run it over and may resort to that.

Is there a way to kill it in a way that isn’t obvious? Could I, for example, electrocute it (my that would be satisfying)? Could I electrocute it without seriously risking the same fate for myself?


Microwave it briefly? That might fry the electronics without any outward sign of damage.

Disclaimer: do this at your own risk!

Bend the little thing in the charging port so you can get the charger into it anymore. I’ve seen that happen on friend’s phones purely by accident. You won’t be able to charge it and they won’t be able to fix it. It’ll also be done working as soon as the battery is dead so plan accordingly.

Also, with this trick, if you play it off well, you can just go to them and say “It’s not charging anymore” and leave them to figure it out. You don’t have to tell them you that you know what’s broken.

Oooooh, the charging thingie. I like it. That’s devious.

Microwave the phone? Hmmm…has the stink of ‘hey bubba, watch this.’

You could cut the cord off the charger and wire it (with the phone charging plug still attached) to a standard two-prong home outlet plug. I imagine that set-up would fry it in an instant when it was plugged in on both ends. If the outlet plug attachment is carefully and properly insulated, it should pose no danger to you. It might pop a ciruit breaker. I’m not sure how obvious it would be to someone examining the phone.

Remove the white sticker inside the battery cover, drop it in water, put it outside to air dry, and reapply the sticker.

You can buy those stickers online, but I believe phone makers have wised up and set some of them a bit deeper then just in the battery cover.

Did they supply you the phone or give you a subsidy? I think you’d either get a new replacement of the same model or no additional subsidy until the two years is up, meaning you’ll end up paying full price for a new phone.

What’s wrong with buying your own phone and switching the sim card into it?

Sooo…you’re a dude, right?

And you wear shirts with pockets to work?

And you keep your phone in your shirt pocket?

And you had to bend over to flush the toilet?

Oopsie! (Splash!)

R.I.P. Badphone. :frowning:

I think that Oak has this right. If the phone mysteriously dies, they might simply be able to warranty it. If it gets drenched, then while it is my fault, they would have to replace the phone and I can switch to the iPhone that everyone else on the team has that seems to work with few issues.

BTW, you’re never going to believe what happened to my phone! I washed it off as best I could, but if I were you, I would wear rubber gloves. It was REALLY icky. What can I say? NYE was a real hoot.

How would dropping the sticker in the water break the phone if it was dry when reapplied? :smiley:

Why didn’t you get the iPhone to start with?

I thought that having a phone of the same maker would reduce any learning curve. If it were up to me, I would use a Motorola flip razor. I don’t even care about a camera.

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IANAL, but I believe that intentionally damaging your phone in order to get a new one is basically defrauding your cell phone provider, and is illegal in the U.S.

From the SDMB registration agreement:

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