Killing E-Coli with alcohol, question regarding saturation

So my cat had an infection which commonly includes E-Coli, it’s a uterine infection that is a stew of bacteria. But E-Coli is the bacteria whose name I know so I am referring to that.

I have soaked the furniture with alcohol. I obsessively saturated some furniture to the point where I couldn’t see even tiny dry spots. So that it looked soaked through to the naked eye. But my question is whether or not that level of saturation is necessary. Can the fumes from the localized drops of alcohol kill bacteria in adjacent areas that didn’t get a drop or do they need to be destroyed with the actual liquid?

Many decades ago we were taught that the most effective use of alcohol to kill bacteria was a solution of about 70% and to be effective it took 10-15 minutes and even then was not very good.

Ahh, well my vet told me that my sterilization was overkill, that it simply doesn’t really matter. Oh well.

Yeah it seems like overkill. But better safe than sorry I guess.