Kimstu walking the line in GD Social Security thread

Recently Kimstu and I were both participating in a GD thread about Social Security privatization. As often happens in GD, we have a difference of opinion. Basically I think privatization of Social Security would be a good thing and he does not. OK, that’s fine. This is exactly the sort of thing that GD is for.

Both of our positions are reasonable, and both are shared by a great deal of people. After exchanging a couple of posts Kimstu hits me with this:

I took this for the personal insult that it was and reported Kimstu to the mods. tomndeb responded prompty with an appropriate non-warning:

Kimstu then apologized and I accepted. No problem in my mind. Topics do get heated and sometimes something someone posts just rubs you the wrong way. Perfectly understandable.

We get back to discussing the issue at hand. Then two posts later:

I again report Kimstu to the mods.

I also post this:

Which I should not have posted and now regret. It’s foolish to behave badly just because of the bad behavior of others.

tomndeb responds:

I didn’t want to let it sit just like that, and don’t want to keep playing with fire in GD, so I’m openning this Pit thread.

Kimstu WTF?

I’m not that angry with you. I’ve certainly been attacked much more harshly on the SDMB before, and even more so in GD before. I am a conservative on a left leaning board. It goes with the turf.

I’m just disappointed and frustrated. You’re obvously a smart guy. You’ve been on the boards since 1999 and have 4,400 posts, so you know the boards and the board rules very well.

You could use your long experience and knowledge towards having a great discussion with me. Instead you use it to know exactly where the invisible line is that you can stand behind and safely stick your tongue out and chant “Neener, neener, neener!” without worry from the mods.

Sure, you are technically not breaking the rules. Good for you. You’ve mastered just how to be a jerk without actually being in violation enough to get a warning.

My example post would have also been fine if I had instead scripted it to read:

“Can I honestly, sincerely, respectfully call Kimstu moronic for not being able to see anyone who disagrees with him on Social Security as anything but a child? Of course not. That’d be against the rules.”

Bolding points out that I need only change my label of him being a moron a tiny bit to instead be calling his behavior moronic. No difference, really, except that now that statement is technically not in violation of board rules.

You see, I’ve been posting on the boards for a while myself. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck yesterday. So, between the obvious skills and knowledge of the two of us, Kimstu and I can both safely insult eachother (non-directly) without ever really being in violation of board rules. That just sucks.

I’m here to say that that’s not what I want to do. I’m asking that you don’t either Kimstu. Take a long look in the mirror. Take a shot of whiskey. Pray. Go and get laid. Punch yourself in the face. Hard. Do whatever it is you need to do to get your shit together. Then, and only then, come back into that thread or any other thread that I’m participating in and debate the issue at hand. Don’t attack the poster. Don’t use name calling or other baby talk bullshit to get under my skin. Use your obvious talents to have a Great Debate, not a thinly veiled pit thread.

Fair enough?

Debaser, did you see my most recent post in that GD thread (just before your post announcing this pit thread) where I said that I withdrew my second use of the term “childish” if you still found it unacceptable?

In case you didn’t, I repeat it here: I withdraw the term. I honestly didn’t think that the way I used it in my later post would be considered personally offensive, but since it obviously was, I apologize. We cool?

If so, would you mind asking a mod to lock this thread? I would rather not get caught in the crossfire of a general Pit argument over whether it’s okay to use a term like “childish” in GD, as long as the original Pitter and Pittee have resolved the issue.

OK. We’re cool.

Mods, whenever you get a chance, can you go ahead and please lock this thread before the angry mob shows up?


Too late. I’m outraged that I thought Kimstu was a woman until this thread.

You were correct, Neurotik. I guess Debaser was misled by my deep voice. :wink:

Pit threads aren’t what they used to be.

“Pardon me, but I felt your use of a particular word was unfair. I hope we can be civilised about it.”

“No problem. I have already apologised and look forward to resuming our discussion.”


Frankly, I just cannot believe that anyone would report such posts to a mod. Jeebus! Fairly wimpy, Debaser. With a name like that, I guess you can dish it out but you cannot take it. :slight_smile:

This is as good a place as any to genuflect to Kimstu as well. She (I must admit to thinking Kimstu was a man) has been an incredibly consistent and intelligent resource on the topic of Social Security. She has thoughtfully and patiently addressed a variety of concerns and issues far better than anyone else here.

I applaud you, Kimstu, and express my gratitude.

I like her. We disagree a lot, but I still like her. She’s told me before that the feeling is mutual. She does have a bit of a tendency to sort of steer a comment you’ve made in a particular direction that she wants it to go, but so does everyone else.

Well, that’s good to know.

I’m still outraged though.

Aw, thank you, gentlemen, you’re very kind. :o C’mon mods, hurry up and lock this, I’m blushing.

Well, that’s good to know.

I’m still outraged though.

I knew Kimstu was female.

neener neener.

and I’ve always found her to be highly intelligent and an honest debater.

so there.

Pfft. I find her to be far more intelligent and honest than you do.

I think **Debaser **should buy **Kimstru **a pair of socks as an apology for this pit thread. Not some crappy Walmart socks, mind you, but some high quality, expensive ones. :slight_smile:

do not.

Do too.

While I have your attention, by the way, I need to address something with you that’s been bugging me for a while.

I can’t remember if I thought you were a male for a long time and then was surprised to find out your were a female, or if I thought you were a female for a long time and was surprised to find out you’re a male. I’m leaning toward the former right now, but I’m not sure.

I"m female, don’t know what you thought, though :wink: