kind find the kitty

i am house sitting and kitty sitting. The cat hates me because I have to give him medicine and he doesn’t know me. I saw the cat a few hours ago in the kitchen and then had a guest over for a couple of hours, the only time the door was open I was stnding in it so I don’t think he could have gotten out since I don’t think he would go through a door way that I am standing in also I would have seen him I would think. I shut off the some of the rooms and I swear I have looked everywhere for him. He won’t come for treats or food. I don’t know what to do or where else to look. I am freaking out.

If the cat is used to being fed canned food, just open a can and chances are good it will come-a-running.

Cats are damn good at hiding. Mine has hidden by squeezing herself between the wooden bottom of a couch and a layer of fabric that was sagging underneath it where some of the upholstering staples had fallen out. This is in addition to other hiding spots I have yet to discover. Just ignore him for a few hours, and he’ll probably reappear of his own accord. Watch the food bowl or the litter box; he has to eat and crap at some point.

0n the one hand I know he has to be here somwhere, on the other hand I keep thinking what if he got by me when the door was open. My friend will be most upset if I lose her cat. also he is sick so I am worried if I dont keep tabs on him he could be incapacitated although i “know” the chances of that are slim, I am still fretting.

I know the feeling, except it was with my own cat. They can nearly be impossible to find–I was convinced mine had left the house. But since he probably is in the house, safe and sound, you might want to check nearby outside just to be safe, since if he did escape, he might still be close by.

Also try the wet food idea.

Look in all the drawers. Open the cabinets. Feel up the blankets. Always step back and look twice. Kitties are really good at curling up and hiding in plain sight. One of mine would hide by curling up around plants.

I thought it was going to be a link to this:

Find the kitty!

Found it! Clever kitty, perfect example of hiding in plain view.

If you keep looking it will turn up eventually to watch your frantic efforts and laugh. If you don’t look, it will turn up eventually to see why you aren’t looking for it.

Opening tins always worked for me (except the times we’d shut the various cats into cupboards or drawers).

wow kitty finally found in a space too small for him to have gotten into, whew. One more ropund of meds tonight and someone else will take over tomorrow until Mom comes home. I had to get a friend with a teenage son to come look in the places I couldnt which is where he was found.