Kind of spooky - please explain this

Something similar happened to me - it turned out the phone cord from the receiver was loose. ;j ;j ;j

Mice were inside them, and their ear scratching was also ringing the bells?

Also, as for the sound of the phone hanging up you heard, that was just a bug munching near the microphone in the handset. :wink:

NoClueBoy, listen to me. Read what I say very carefully and do exactly what I tell you. This exact same thing happened to me and to five other people I have known. It will all be over in a few days one way or the other.

Put in a big supply of canned meats, peanut butter, Cheerios, TP, Industrial Strength Plumber’s Helper, plastic sheeting, duct tape, batteries, and other longterm survival gear including ammunition, large knives and an axe.

Seal off every window and door. Put Plumber’s Helper (in the gel form) in every drain twice a day.



There will be first a High Wind followed by screams. The Screaming will eventually stop, but the Fire will begin. It will be followed by the Blood, and the Great Shaking and the Darkness. Keep your wits about you. The last is the worst and it occurs simultaneously with the Darkness. It is the Howling.

“Protect yourself” from anything, anyone that moves no matter how pathetic or innocent or beautiful.

Trust only elucidator, Scotch Plaid and me.

Endure. Prevail.

You were dreaming. The ringing phones are a sign from your subconcious that someone is trying to reach you. Have you been on the outs with a loved one or a friend lately? Throwing the phone in the dumpster means you don’t want to hear from them, but the second ringing phone means they will persist until you listen to them.

Go to a quiet place, and open your mind. All will be made clear.

So, NoClueBoy… How long have you been making your own scotch?

My guess was a bad trip or maybe PCP…

Nice going, No Clue Boy. You’ll never make it out of the Matrix now!

Oh, and if you triple click inside a spoiler box, you can read the text. I find it easier than dragging the mouse across it.

I was alone in the house yesterday and decided to take a bath. Mr. SCL was not home and all the doors were locked. The hall outside our bed/bath is hardwood. As I soak in hot bubble bath and the last few pages of Harry Potter, I hear someone walk down the hall.

If Mr. SCL had come in, I would have heard him.

Tune in tomorrow for other tales in the sage of My Haunted House.

Telemarketers burning in hell for all eternity have figured out how to contact the living, and they’ve got this wonderful opportunity for you…

Crumbs. jrfranchi was ahead of me on that last one.

You are being contacted by extraterrestrials. Unfortunately, their technology is about 30 years behind ours, so they have no marvels to show us. Disappointing.

No phone. No house. No scotch. No outside. No inside.

You have been in a sensory deprivation chamber for 10 days. It was only supposed to be 24 hours, but, a lot can happen in 24 hours.
You are alone… I mean really alone. But no matter, you can’t get out, and there’s no one left to let you out. Soon there will be no you.

These were the old 90s phones with built-in ‘autodial’ or ‘memory’ for a few numbers, no? There’s a small battery inside, like for alarm clocks and such, which thoeretically would hold enough charge to keep the memory during power outages. When the battery finally gets very low, just like a smoke detector, the thing is set to give a replacement-warning ring.

You’re crazy

Yes but before “do not call list”, I would always get repetitive calls during dinner. So only appropriate.

It was a weather balloon, surrounded by swamp gas, that was reflected off Venus.

Okay! You all did very good. I’ll be back this afternoon to list the couple or three that I really liked and see what you think about them. Then I’ll pick one, or maybe one from each genre, as the winner.

Thanks, I knew I could count on you.

Okay, I realize it’s a little after the cutoff point, but I gotta 'fess up.

I screwed with your PC and set the ring sound to come on at random times.

Okay, submissions are closed. (You guys really did a bang up job,btw!) Now it’s time to vote. I’ll leave the voting open till Friday afternoon.

The five that you vote on are (in order of posting) :

Nature’s Call




Larry Borgia

An instant winner tied status goes to duffer no matter who wins the voting. Because I liked it, that’s why.

So, start voting. No more posts of explanation, please, just votes.

I vote for Larry Borgia: simple, funny as hell, and comes with a little known Doper tip. What more can you ask for?