Kinda Enjoying Ida Here

Although Ida in her more angry form wreaked havock on Central America, I’m now listening to the same storm, blowing through the Carolinas. It’s odd in November to hear that type of wind; really singular, a southwest blow with good rain. getting soaked now. And, I’ve got all windows open, the temprerature is going up due to the blow in…went outside to get the gist, and really wonderful: the type of boisterous wind that hops up one’s mind.

Any other Ida impressions, or Gulf Coast soaks?

Ida enjoyed it too.

JustThinkin’ is in NC right now, with a day off from work. She had hoped to do some hiking, but it sounds like she should have come back to MN for some fabulous weather!

I understand you about storms, though - I love going out in them!

Ida? Ho.

It started raining here yesterday afternoon and as far as I can tell it hasn’t stopped yet. They’re predicting rain alll day today and most of tomorrow. While we do need the rain, I’m supposed to be flying to Chicago tomorrow morning, and I’m concerned about my flight being delayed.

Rained all day. All day. 3.5". Even more flooding. Enough already.

There’s been a storm or two each week since the Sept. floods. 1.5" here, 2.5" there. This is nuts.

Did I mention it rained all day?

Husband has the day off and his plans to take the dog on an outing are now cancelled, which is a bummer for both him and the dog. I’m not real fond of having to drive back and forth from work in this weather, either, but as long as the power doesn’t go out I’m fine with getting the rain.

We need the rain, so it’s good, only my dog is terrified of rain and he has not had a good day.

The rain is nice, but I had to drive home yesterday way after dark. All the local roads lost their reflectors due to scraping this past winter, and newly paved sections have horrible (non-reflective) paint.

Ummmm, I’m taking that back…didn’t see that weirdass turnaround pressure system that put what was left of Ida, back on us for two days. Big ol’ winds which have me really twitchy about the big oak trees falling down on the house, couldn’t sleep last night because of the bluster.

Just heard another big whooshing wind whupping through the trees, shed doors whapping, too. What the hell did I think, lala, about a hurricane wind?

Was at Jones Beach (NY) earlier this afternoon looking at the incredible waves crashing on the beach. The crazy thing was the wind was coming from the northeast (towards the beach) and the surf was still crazy. They say tomorrow should be less windy here in NY.

Mom’s cousins have a house at Nag’s Head…as of yesterday, they still couldn’t drive up to their house due to all the water; fortunately, the water didn’t go inside.

And down here in Hurricane Central, we only got some gusty winds and no rain at all.

I was looking forward to a good storm.