Kinda...freaky tornado warning (Central NC)

Okay, so the Triad (Greensboro-Winston Salem-High Point) area of North Carolina, just to the west of where I live, has been getting absolutely pounded by severe weather tonight. Lots of downed trees and power lines, reports of unroofed homes, and such. A warning came over my weather radio a couple of minutes ago (which BTW is a device that everyone should have) that made me do a double-take, so I went and looked it up on the National Weather Service’s website:

(bolding mine)

Wow. A car is probably one of the least safe places to be if a tornado is nearby…I can’t imagine being in a car on a major highway (with no easily accessible decent shelter) in the middle of a possibly tornado-producing storm in the dark.

I hope those people, as well as the rest of you Central NC 'Dopers, make it through the night safely… :frowning:

Wow. I heard about storms around here, but had no idea it was so intense up that way. Hope you’re safe.