Kindle and Book CD-ROMs

I’ve been using the Amazon Kindle apps for Windows and for Mac OSx. I am thinking about purchasing a book for use with these apps. The hardcover version of the book comes with a CD-ROM. What happens with the Kindle version? Does the CD-ROM download with the ebook?

I tried a search of the forums and have tried googling, but I’m not having much luck. Thanks.

Chances are it just doesn’t come with the CD ROM. It certainly won’t download with the Kindle book automatically because that wouldn’t work on the Kindle itself, which can get the Kindle file wirelessly, but would have no way of dealing with CD ROM data.

Most books don’t have this sort of issue, so it is very likely that the publisher just overlooked it or figured it wouldn’t really matter.

What’s the book?

It’s a computer programming book. Programming books often come with CD ROMS that contain sample programs or free compilers and the like.

Have you checked the publisher’s website? They often have the sample programs up for download there. As for free compilers, I don’t know of any language that isn’t part of .NET that doesn’t have a very good FOSS compiler/interpreter for download.

I’ve never seen a Kindle book that comes with the DVD/CD content, though some may exist. That’s one category of book I still buy in physical form (the other being books with a lot of pictures or diagrams).