Kindle owners: what are your likes/dislikes?

More IMHO perhaps but since it’s about books (sort of) I’ll put it here.

I got a Kindle from my brother for Christmas. (Total surprise since usually we exchange token gifts; also one of those “probably never would have bought one for myself but like having it” gifts.)

My likes:

-Having a large library of classics that were mostly free or very cheap (some are free and not worth it and paying a couple of dollars gets a much more readable copy)

-The ability to make annotations

-The ability to look up a word you’re not familiar with
My dislikes:

-While $10 is cheaper to pay than $30 for a new book, it’s usually more than or just equal to the price of a paperback book or a book available through or the discount bins of a bookstore

-The amount of text on the screen even when the font size is on medium (small is too small for my eyes in most works) makes page turning near constant

-The inability to photocopy a picture or article*

-A je ne sais quoi element I miss about the tactile of a book.

-Anything ‘irregular’ (meaning not a regular book with chapters but a collection- The Complete Works of _____ or The Bible for example) is often hard to navigate

What are your opinions and likes/dislikes?

*I’ve been meaning to ask: can you print from the text if you save the kindle books to your computer (which I understand you can do but I haven’t done yet)?

I don’t have most of the problems because the wife got me the Kindle DX for Christmas. That’s the large model designed for textbooks. The larger format means a page of text looks just like it does in a hard-bound book, so no squinting or excessive page turning. It also has a greater capacity. Since it reads .mobi files, I can download all sorts of stuff to the computer, mess with the meta-data, then upload to the Kindle. The things goes everywhere with me know. As Og is my judge, I will never be bored in an airport again!

I also have the DX. My likes are being able to sample a book before buying it, the long battery life, and the Kindle App for the iPhone. (And they’re working on a Kindle App for the iPad yay!)
My main dislikes are 1) The button placement makes entering text a pain and the fact that most Kindle books don’t include photos and illustrations.