Kindle Version of the Trump Story

I am feeling a little stupid, and I suspect when someone helps me I will feel even worse.

The big Failing New York Times Story “Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes
as He Reaped Riches From His Father” is dated 2 October.

I get the FNYT on Kindle. I cannot find the story in the 2 October edition. In fact, I think I have checked all the editions from about then and have not seen it.

Am I being dumb or what?

It hit the internet on October 2 but was in the print edition on October 3. Check that date.

The 3 October edition has the editorial Donald Trump and the Self-Made Sham. It does not seem to have the story in the Front Page section, nor in National.

I don’t know what’s going on with Kindle, but here’s the link on my computer.

I read it online, but darn it I pay for a subscription.

Could your location be part of the problem when it comes to possible censoring?

It seems that Qatar as censored other articles from The New York Times before.

Oh no. I am in Saudi Arabia, and have been for a decade. It is just too much trouble to change my user name. Further, The Saudis can bloc web sites, but have never messed with my Kindle. I am not sure they can.

That would depend on the source of the New York Times that is loaded onto your Kindle.
It may be that Kindle has an agreement to operate in your country that says downloads of The NY Times must use a local edition for a source. Is it possible to get a hardcopy of the local edition to see if it was censored?

We no longer get paper newspapers. We used to. I remember one late evening, I got a British newspaper on the date of its publication. They used to censor every copy by hand. The mental image amuses me endlessly.

A huge warehouse, six thousand Bangladeshis are plywood tables. A loud voice on the speakers, “Page sixteen, sideboob!”

Six thousand black markers mark out the offending image before moving on.

The Wiki on censorship in Saudi Arabia.

Thank you. I have lived here for twenty-one years. I have a rough familiarity with the nation. I have never noticed any other Kindle article missing.

(In the old days, they censored the clues for the crossword puzzles too.)

Just reporting a possibility, and(no disrespect intended at all) it is hard to miss information that is never received in the first place

It is today’s, 6 October edition. I have no idea why.