King Kong: SE DVD

And by SE I mean shortened edition… I loved the movie, but come on! Surely we could edit it down to 2h15m tops, and not lose too much? Chop out the most of the first half, Jamie Bell and his mentor, the uncircumcised-penis bugs, all the staring-longingly-into-each-others-teary-eyes, tighten everything up a bit… Release it on DVD next Christmas, clean up!! I’ll buy whatever they release, but I assure you, my fast-forward/scene skip button is going to get a hell of a workout.

Hmm. Most of the things you mention are the things Jackson added to “flesh out” the original version. Maybe we should ask Gus Van Sant to edit it down to a shot for shot redo? Or maybe we should just colorize the original! Get Ted Turner involved! And maybe George Lucas could step in and “clean up” the special effects? And Spielberg could PC-ize it: replace all the guns with nosegays, and digitally convert the natives into, I know, a raging post-holiday-sale crowd!

Man, this could be good!

replace all the guns with nosegays


I… don’t know what they are. But yeah! I think your onto something! Its been a while since anyone agreed with me here. Good to be back.

My favorite part of the movie was the stuff before they got on the boat. I’d actually like more scenes there.

I actually saw a colorized version of King Kong years ago on a Turner TV station. Not surprising, seeing as his company owns the rights to the film.

Oh, and I looked it up- apparently, a nosegay is a bouquet of flowers. Not as interesting as the word makes it out to be.

I’m hoping the DVD will be longer. I’d love to see more of Skull Island.

I, too, am looking forward to the extended version…I didn’t think the film was too long by any means, other than the fact I stupidly got the large Coke and did have to dash off to the men’s room for a few minutes…but there wasn’t any point in the film that I would have fast forwarded.

I think the the length worked pretty well, being able to flesh everything out. The only scene I’d love to see cut completely is the “Kong on Ice” scene near the end.

1.) It’s pretty pointless. They get to have a breather and a moment together on the Empire state building as the Sun rises(and it works better there). And it’s 5 minutes that didn’t need to be there in a 3 hour movie.

2.) It’s pretty stupid. Partially because while I’m willing to accept a giant ape for the movie, having him skate on the ice in central part and not fall through stretches my disbelief a bit too much. Not to mention the fact the entire NYPD, not mention the US Army, is still looking for Kong, and Central park would seem an obvious place to hide. How they managed to hide out in central park for 6 hours I don’t know(I know it’s a big park, but he’s a big ape and kinda stands out).

3.) It’s just a little too cutesy. With the lights on the trees, it feels like “Here’s the christmas shot”. I was so glad when that artillery shell made them get on with it.


That Kong-on-Ice (I can’t wait for the Icecapades’ next production) segment is the ONLY reason to place the Kong-does-NY half of the movie in the dead of winter, which renders Anne’s failure to die of exposure–or even show some nipplage through the bias-cut satin–utterly disbelievable. They sacrificed a great deal of belief suspension just for that least necessary segment of the movie.

As said to my wife who was dissatisfied at many of the unrealistic elements of PJ’sKK, “as opposed to which other, more realistic and scientifically accurate movies about giant apes fighting multiple T-Rexes are you referring to dear?” If you aren’t willing to have some suspension of disbelief then you may as well stay home. If you want to play the realism game I’m more than capable of sucking all the enjoyment out of for you. Start with just the square/cube problem. The IMDB says that KK is portrayed as being 25 feet tall. Let’s round off and say he’s 8x the size of a normal gorilla. Squaring the cross section of his muscles means he’s 64 times as strong, wow. Unfortunately he has 512 times the mass. Put in simpler terms it would be like a 180lb man having the same strength but weiging about 3/4 of a ton. Forget standing, your legs and feet would be crushed under the weight. Kong would be less making incredible leaps through the jungles Skull Island and the buildings of Manhattan and more struggling just to breathe under his own weight. I won’t even go into the milkshake problem.

Honestly I would have been a bit happier if they had at least show wounds on KK’s arms where the Tyranosaurs had bitten down on them. They should have crushed his limbs so at least give us a little blood. I didn’t let it take away from my enjoyment of the movie. A bit long perhaps but I pretty much expected that from PJ. I was most surprised at how well I like Jack Black in his role.

For similar reasons, arthropods can’t possibly get as big as the ones in KK (let alone the ones in Starship Troopers).