Got this on Steam yesterday. You play a queen on a horse, collecting coins to upgrade and expand your Kingdom. Start with a couple small buildings, recruit villagers and use them to build and defend. Collect coins from your villagers and use them to upgrade and expand your buildings. There are monsters that come out at night and attack, and they get stronger every night. The object of the game is to expand your Kingdom enough to destroy the 2 monster portals and make your kingdom safe.

It’s an interesting game. Reminds me of an old flash/mobile side scroller where you would create and upgrade soldiers and send them out against the other side until one won. Kind of slow paced to start but you ramp up pretty quickly. Gameplay is fairly minimal, you basically ride back and forth through your kingdom,collect and spend coins. Longest I went was over 100 days, and I destroyed one of the portals, but started getting hit with these waves of big nasty trolls and couldn’t recover from their attacks. I don’t think this has a huge amount of replay value once you get to the point where you can destroy both portals and make your kingdom safe, but it’s a lot of fun figuring it out and I think it was worth the purchase (was $5 on a steam sale).