Kingsman and eyeglasses

I see the movie Kingsman is about to hit theaters hereabouts, by which I mean I’ve seen the commercial where a bespectacled Michael Caine says to ASSEMBLE THE KINGSMEN, by which I mean Colin Firth plays bespectacled superspy trainer to bespectacled rookie superspy Taron Egerton, and it looks like Samuel L. Jackson is the bespectacled villain – and if I’m wrong about him, there’s a bespectacled Mark Strong striding around menacingly with a gun, which presumably means something.

But if I’m right, would that be a movie first? The protagonist and his mentor get tasked by their boss to foil the antagonist, and they’re all bespectacled?

(Say it enough times and it loses all meaning: bespectacled, bespectacled, bespectacled…)

I’m thinking that with the Kingsmen it’s part of their ‘uniform’, and probably are much more than plain spectacles (advanced type of google glass, or something like that, maybe?).

Presumably. But regardless of why it’d be a first, is it a first?

Well, the entire cast of Give Him Hell, Harry wore glasses. Thery all were nominated for an Oscar, too.