Kinks a sgood as the beatles?

i thnk they are.what about you?

Why do you think so? Start the conversation.

Yes, start the discussion. Let’s be serious now. No fiddlin’ around.

The Beatles were better than the Kinks by at least an order of magnitude. The Beatles’ songwriting was more clever and engaging and appealing, plus the Kinks didn’t have anyone who could sing.

Much as I love the Kinks and think they’re often underrated, I’m going to have to say no.

It’s Ray’s songwriting that raises the Kinks to the level of greatness. On every other dimension I can think of, as good as the Kinks may have been, the Beatles were better. The Kinks do get points for longevity, but if you give the Beatles credit for what they did individually after their breakup, that evens out.

When Klaatu came around, lots of people thought they were the Beatles, recording under a different name.

I like the Kinks a lot, but the Beatles are better.

All day and all of the night.


The Kinks are great, but I think even Ray Davies would admit the Beatles are better. The main difference is the far more varied musical styles the Beatles explored - often before anyone else.

Davies is a great songwriter and singer, but no one matches the Beatles.

I think your username says it all, no?

I wasn’t around when all this was happening, so all I have is the records to go by. I love the Kinks and find them underrated. There’s still so much I pick up each time I listen to them.
I like John Lennon and the Revolver/Rubber Soul era, but my vote goes to the Davieseses.

Is this in any way relevant to the topic? At all?

I love The Kinks, but The Beatles completely blow them out of the water.

Personal tastes are personal tastes though. You have every right to your opinion. At least you’re not saying… Justin Bieber is better than The Beatles or something else ridiculous. The Kinks are at least in the same ballpark, and yes, they were and are underrated.

Love the Kinks, but let’s be honest. Not nearly as enough hits as the Beatles had. Not to mention the Beatles had some major influence in how music was advanced, no comparison. Would like to know why the OP thinks differently.

The Beatles are better but, honestly, I listen to the Kinks more, probably because of overexposure to the Bestles. Village Green is a top ten all time record for me.

The Kinks were somehow “persona non grata” in North America for a time. Why was that?

I’ll have to google it…

By the way, I saw them live at the Pine Knob Amphitheatre near Detroit in about … 1980? They were fantastic.

There are very few bands for which you can even say “_____ was better than the Beatles” with a straight face, and even in those cases, you’re still probably wrong. The Kinks were not one of those bands.

The Kinks were a damn good band that put a out a lot of classic music. Davies is acknowledged as one of the finest songwriters from the British Invasion by his peers. But in terms of popular culture, there will probably never be a band “as good as” The Beatles in our lifetimes.

Hey, hey, hey, calm down, feel the love, it’s all right, get high with a little help from your friends. Listen to some good music before you get all uptight.

I mentioned it to note that there are other bands that people have thought were as good as the Beatles, and, in fact, thought were the Beatles.

For this very reason i say there as go as the beatles.

I disagree. I’d say the Kinks are one of those bands where I can see an argument for it, though I would probably disagree in the end. I mean, they are certainly not out of the realm of discussion.

I’m calm. Have a look here to see who else might be in the same ballpark as The Beatles.

It looks complicated, but evidently the group made a very bad impression with the promoters and especially the American Federation of Musicians, who refused to allow them in for unspecified reasons.