Kirk Cameron takes on evolution! Ooooh, scary!

Found via a friend’s web page, but I thought you guys would get a kick out of this.

Kirk Cameron socks it to the whole dang Theory of Evolution

The bit about the banana is hilarious.


Good effort but this has already been passed around the dope a couple times.

Ah. Well then lock 'er up!

Yikes, the banana part was insane. I wish I had the time to watch the whole video.

Man, one time I took this banana and shoved it up this girl’s … wait, are you saying Kirk Cameron did that, too? Whoa.

No no no, don’t close it-you can never make fun of Kirkles too much!

Well, I’ve never seen that before…

And the banana part?

For some reason the idea of repeatedly banging my head against a wall just isn’t enough :wink:

I’d like to see a debate between Kirk Cameron and Tom Cruise.
(Well, I would not want to watch it. I just think it would be a handy way to eliminate idiots from the voter rolls: anyone caught arguing, the next morning, that one or the other actually won the debate could be stricken with no appeal.)

I like Kirk. He has the guts to say what we’re all thinking.

You could probably solve the energy crisis just by harnessing the crazy to come out of that.

Here’s my response to all this “is there a god” crap…

Douglas Adams’s “Is there an Artificial God” speech, a brilliant bit of Adamsian work that sums up my feelings on the matter quite succinctly

no it’s not formatted well on the webpage, but give it a good read, it’s a brilliant bit of work…

some highlights…

Oh, that banana-part just had me in stitches.
Anti-slip surface, indeed !!
How can anybody dismiss this overload of evidence.

I can’t listen to this at work, and I have dial up at home. What the heck did he say about bananas?

It’s driving me bananas!

I will spoiler the banana-part for you :

The banana is proof of a divine creator.
Just look at it : it is curved and has three ridges on the top-side and two on the bottom.
Now take a look at a closed fist : there are three ridges on the top and two on the thumb-side.
So in short : a banana is made to fit in your hand perfectly.
And the creator was even nice enough to equip it with an anti-slip surface.

My God, you’re a Banana Believer, too? I thought Kirk and I were the only ones!

Nah – there’s a whole Church of the Flying Banana Monster.

Thanks for posting that link, MacTech. I hadn’t read that before and I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you. I was going to write witty repartee to that, but frankly I’m speechless.

MacTech - That Douglas Adams article is fantastic.


Does that mean spherical, difficult to eat, or irregularly shaped fruits are a test of faith? If God loves me, why can’t I get all the pulp off of my mango pit?