Kiss my Grits!

I love grits! I don’t eat them as often as I’d like, because even as much as I adore them I rarely think to get them at the store. Picked up some a couple of days ago, however, and I’m enjoying them as nature intended - salted and buttered, with some cheddar cheese stirred in. Crumbled bacon optional, but recommended.

So, how do you like your grits? Any insanely complex recipes you deploy to enjoy nature’s “gritty” miracle? Or just a basic, quick delight to get your day off to a good start?

I had to eat them growing up. I didn’t care for them plain and butter wasn’t much of an improvement. I never liked butter as the sole flavour of any food [even toast].
Cheddar cheese all the way.

I love grits, too. Our main non-breakfast use of grits is eating them with fried fish.

I prefer yellow grits, the DH likes white. I cook mine with milk and a lot of butter. I bring the milk to a boil, then turn it off and let it sit for a while with the lid on. When I come back to it, it’s very thick. I stir in butter then, and it becomes so creamy and decadent.

I’ve also sliced and fried day-old grits, which tastes great but splatters a lot. A pain cleaning up.

Shrimp and grits is awesome, too.

I like pimiento cheese grits the way I first had them in Louisiana. Yum.

Grits are great, as long as you hit them with as much butter, pepper, cheese, and bacon as the law will allow.

Cheese grits. I had some for breakfast this morning.

I make them plain, throw them on the plate with some eggs and sausage or bacon or hash or whatever and throw some butter and extra salt on the grits and scoop them up with whatever else is there. My wife will eat a bowl full plain. I couldn’t do more than a spoonful like that before my taste buds died of boredom.

I first had grits as a child. Uck.

I’ve since learned that, for me, the secret was salt. I LOVE grits,however they’re made, but, without salt, they’re crap.

If you have fried eggs with the yolk runny, you can mix that in with the grits. Bacon, too.

For breakfast it’s simple.

Grits, salt, butter and maybe a little tabasco sauce. That is it. I am in South Carolina.

Salty and slightly runny with butter and scrambled eggs mixed in.

With seafood: grits with copious amounts of sharp cheddar.

I like grits best cooked until thick, with a big dab of butter and a few heaps of brown sugar. Ideally, the brown sugar will be dried out and crumbled so it adds a little crunch to the otherwise smooth grits.

My mother gave them to me with butter and sugar, like oatmeal, when I was a kid.

Now I like them with cheese and bacon.

I was really feeling them for a while, but now, for some reason, the idea of eating them isn’t as appealing. Occasionally I crave them, but most of the time they seem like they’d be too rich, for lack of a better term.

Extremely disappointed this isn’t a Polly Holliday appreciation thread.