Kiss of death

British Teen Collapses and Dies Moments After First Kiss

I have to say this women could be the luckiest person ever. All the excitement of that first kiss and none of the hell that comes with a train of broken relationships.
In addition, the guy gets to tell his grandkids that he used to be so sexy that he killed a woman with a single kiss.

*Oh where oh where can my baby be
The Lord took her away from me
She’s gone to heaven soI got to be good
So I can see my baby when I leave this world. *

Tragic for all involved.

That’s terrible. Can you imagine what sort of phobia that young man will have now about kissing anyone? And the poor girl. :frowning:

That’s messed up.

On the one hand, it’s fucked up. On the other hand, surviving one’s first love is also sort of tragic.

On the third hand, who knew Rogue had gotten a sex change ?

Something like that would have fucked me up bad as a teen, what a terrible thing. Also, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? What the hell is that? Is that just code for “we really have no clue?”

Scary stuff. One minute you’re healthy, athletic, happy, and the next your dead. Some sort of heart malfunction.

This Australian girl was 18. Kisses her boyfriend, collapses and dies minutes later. :frowning: I guess it could have happened any time.

Apparently there’s cases like this every year.

youtube tribute

Current thread.

Though I admit I haven’t read it recently, so I don’t know if anyone’s told the ‘lady killer’ joke.

“Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome” according to the Telegraph article.

Cripes, what a way to go.

In this linked story from the other thread, it’s called “Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome” and linked to an electrical irregularity of the heart.

Did you notice the youtube tribute was posted May, 2009? Another tribute was post Oct 2010.

The press was sure on top of this story weren’t they? took them almost 2 years to report it. Unless youtubes dates are messed up.

Happened to a guy I worked with about two years ago, 38 years old very good health or appeared to be . Never smoked, drank in moderation, jogged daily etc.

Playing pick up hockey with some friends one night his heart freaked out and collapsed then died on the ice.

Isn’t that what killed Hank Gathers 20 years ago.

For those not into college ball at the time he was playing a game, televised, and just sort of went down after a basket. Like someone cut his puppet strings. That was a hell of a thing.

It sounds like their thinking is that she had an abnormal heart rhythm that proved to be fatal. There is more info here:

What a horrible way to lose a loved one. Imagine that you have a seemingly healthy young daughter and one day she just suddenly drops dead without warning for no apparent reason. That would be so devastating. It looks like some of her friends posted a tribute on youtube:
Unfortunately it looks like some assholes have been making rude comments about her and their belief she was kissing a black guy.

I wish she had gotten to live to experience more of life. Even though I’ve had some heartbreaks in life, I feel sad for young people who never get to see all that life has to offer.

Bolding mine, why do you say ‘their belief’ that the boyfriend was black? He looks pretty black to me. (not that it matters either way i’m just curious why you referred to it as a belief).

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