Kiss Your Civil Liberties Goodbye Forever

I am confident that we are about to decend into a man-made hell.


Spy cameras the size of a grain of sand are no more than months away.

America is about to become hell on earth, and I don’t think we can stop it.

um… that article was published 2 years ago.

The Smart Dust website hasn’t been updated since July 2001. :rolleyes:


Either this means:

A)They failed, & the fund was cancelled


B) They succeeded, it is now classified.

Do you just thrive on being alarmist?

Get a sense of perspective. Do you know how much info you currently have out there in terms of SS# transactions, CC transactions, billing cycles and the like?

Two quotes from the article

I hope we never get to that point

If this technology was active we all could have witnessed his self-flagellation on the internet.

People still aren’t bored by videos on the internet of normal people having sex. :rolleyes:

If these things work, we will know. Some joker will decide that he can finally get that Winona Ryder Shower Sequence he’s been wenting since he was 13.

Check this out:

Wal-Mart has told its top 100 suppliers that they’ll need to have radio-frequency ID systems in place for tracking pallets of goods through the supply chain by January, 2005. Wal-Mart has experimented with RFID technology over recent years for several applications, but this deadline sends a clear message about where the country’s largest retailer sees the emerging technology first being practically applied. "

"RFID raises great hopes for readers automatically collecting far more data than is possible today–not just product information, but even temperature, humidity, or shocks. "

And these are teeny, tiny little chips.

If it’s anything to you, the folks in Indonesia/China/India/etc who get paid $0.50 an hour probably aren’t too happy about putting little rice-sized tracking chips into your Wal-mart clothes and such.

Here’s a pretty judgement on Liberty by Justice Kennedy, which may persuade you to hug & kiss your Civil Liberties: