"Kisses" urinals back in the news

We had a thread about this quite a while back. Those urinals shaped like women’s mouths are back in the news. Now they’re being removede from the Vienna Opera because of complaints that they’re insulting and insensitive.

Report (with picture):


I have to admit they’re pretty tasteless for a venue that’s supposed to reek of class. Put them in a bar or night club or ironically-themed restaurant, sure, but an opera? That’s just odd. I can see the mysoginy angle, too – pissing in a female’s mouth. That said, I still think they’re kinda funny in that unexpectedly obvious sort of way.

Now, maybe if the toilets in the women’s rest rooms were shaped like a man…

They’re not in the opera house. They’re just in the neighbourhood.

:smack: Didn’t read that close enough. Near the Opera House.

It’s still early and our servers have been throwing a hissy fit, so I claim brain yawn.


:: shudder ::

Definitely misogynistic.

If you’re going to have sulptural urinals, have some class.

[Devil’s Advocate]

Woman’s mouth, eh? Just how is that shaped differently from a man’s mouth wearing lipstick? As a matter of fact, I can see that being far more popular (and funny) in a gay club than a straight bar.


They have urinals like that in a strip club near here (Cheetah’s of Detroit, for those in my neck of the woods). They were put in when the place was rebuilt after a fire, and unfortunately the overall effect of the rennovation (urinals included) was to make the place really, really tacky.

Here’s the original thread, about them using these in Virgin Airways exec lounges, back in 2004. Time flies when you’re in the bathroom:


In the news article’s photo – is that a bar right behind the urinal? What, they whizz and order up a martini at the same time?

I was wondering about that too, but it seems like the liquor is behind glass with the bar on the other side of it. (my restaurant’s bar is like this, though the restroom isn’t situated behind it…) Still odd.

I think that might just be a framed picture of some bottles.