Kissing with dentures

Kind of an odd question but I know a girl in her mid 20s and she got in an accident with her two front teeth knocked out. The insurance where we work pays for false teeth but not a bridge or impants.

I told her she’s young and ought to just get implants, because if you’re young it’s gonna be hard to tell all your dates, you have false teeth. She asked how’d they know, and I said, when you kiss someone with false teeth you’d know.

She said not if they’re done right?

So what is the truth, can you tell if you open mouth kiss someone with dentures that those are dentures? Especially if they are your two front teeth.

With a partial denture like your friend would need I don’t think you’d be able to tell with your run of the mill kiss. If you did some serious french kissing you might possibly feel the back edge of the plate on the roof of her mouth.

What the hell kind of insurance company pays for dentures but not bridges? Especially for two teeth.

She should spend the extra money and go for the implants if possible.

My best friend had dentures for a long time (two missing teeth thanks to genetics.) I never once heard her or anyone else mention that being an issue when it came to kissing. I never kissed her, myself! She upgraded to a bridge in her twenties, because it was much easier to take care of and looked better.

But I did once have a boyfriend with a full plate, and yeah, I could tell. Not an issue, just a random fact about him.

Mine would pay for a filling, but not the glue that holds the filling to the tooth, and would pay for endodontics but not for endodontics done by an endodontist. As a rule of thumb, medical/dental insurance companies are not your friend.

I’ve done some extensive kissing of someone who had full dentures, and I really don’t think I’d have known if I hadn’t…well, already known.

Cost. My partial cost a few hundred. It replaces two missing teeth (not both in the front, but close enough). A bridge would have been more like $1200 for one tooth. Impants cost about $2000 per tooth. I’ve never had full dentures, so I don’t know the cost on that.

I must agree that Dental insurance is not a very good deal. Maybe if you have a child who needs braces it is, but for me it never paid off.

Every insurance I had for dental is pretty bad. My insurance will only pay for $1,500 a year. A root canal where I live is $700.00 and the cap is about $600.00 so that pretty much does it for you. I have had a lot of work done my teeth, any they only pay for something that is the last resort. For instance a bridge will eventually fail. But dentures on the other hand don’t.

Thanks for the answers.

Mine will pay for a root canal, but not for a pulp cap, which is 1/3 of the price and saves the tooth.