:smack:I’m living w a black man. He never kisses me, just fuck. I miss the intimacy, the snuging, the caressing. He doesnt even touch my breasts. A black woman just informed me that black men only kiss if they’re really in love. He says he loves me. He’s 34 n has 6 kids (6-17) by 4 different women. I left my husband of 28 years bc I was so in love w this guy, been for years. He claims to b faithful. Has no job, n is an alcoholic. Just got outta rehab n jail. I’ve supported him n paid all the way. I am the only one who’s been there for him when noone else was. I’m 51, white, 5 grown kids by the same dad. My family disowned me bc im with a black man. Is this true…black men only kiss if they’re only really in love… It’s killing me inside.

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I think any general, blanket statement about any group of people (“black men only X”) cannot be true. This is not to say that he does or doesn’t love you - I don’t know.

You really think it’s because he’s black?

Google reveals our new friend is on a number of porn cam chat sites.(based on the username)

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You have?