Kitchen aide cooktop switch

Kitchen aid cooktop model kecc5608whi.

The left rear burner is dual burner, small inside large. It no longer works, and as the knob feels different, and has increased play, I think it is probably the switch that has gone bad.

So I call the local appliance parts place, and they look it up, and cannot find a model number. Surely this part can be identified. Does anyone know where I can look this up myself?

‘kecc5608whi’ returns no results in a google search. Can you remove the switch and see what it looks like? Then you can search images for “kitchenaid” “dual” “switch” to see if anything looks the same.

shows nothing with that model number.

model number seems to work here:

edit: you got the model name wrong, it’s KECC560BWH1


Great. B and 8 look alike upside down and backward.

How do I get to the switch. How do I remove the glass. It is surrounded by corian, and I assume you just stick a knife under the while gasket and lift, but am not sure, and do not want to screw it up.

Here are some instructions I found that ought to apply to your unit.

I also read the following, which may not apply to your unit, but be prepared.

Mine is not attached to an oven, but I will peek under the cabinet and see if I can find a couple of screws. It seems that you do not just lift up, that it is at least minimally fastened underneath.