KITH's Brain Candy on USA network

It starts in 5 minutes (12:30 Central). So it’s not KITH’s “Holy Grail” - it still had some good moments. My favorite line in it is, “Fuck happiness!” but I don’t imagine that will be left in the basic cable version.

Who are you?

Just a guy.

I was kind of upset that Mrs. Herticure’s happiest memory sequence was cut down to nothing. I suppose it must have been edited for time, because I can’t think of any verboten material in there. Disappointing.

We also lost another of my favorites:
“FUCK Stummies!”
“No, I don’t believe I will fuck Stummies.”

The head or Roritor is such a Loren Michaels impression. Damn, this whole movie still cracks me up every time.

“Now I’m a security guard…with a gun.”

I love the bit where they’re fighting and Don Roritor (Mark McKinney) keeps poking Dr. Cooper (Kevin McDonald), who grabs his finger and the next time you see Roritor, he’s got the metal splint contraption going halfway up his arm.

Well, it’s funny when you see it.

Anyway, what are you still doing posting here? Follow me, I’ll take you to the real message board.

“Head rub? No? You sure?”

Have you ever noticed that, in regular KITH episode, one of the 40 Helens (they agree!) is named Helen Roritor? I think it might be one of the kids’ (is that how you punctuate that? Glad I’m a copy editor…) mom or grandma or something.

“Life is short life is shit and soon it will be over…”

I invented a pill that gives worms to ex-girlfriends.

They changed “Fuck happy!” (yeah, I remembered it wrong) to “Forget happy!” Not quite the same impact. I think I would have at least tried to get away with “Screw happy!”