I shouldn’t be the only one being slain by cuteness.


I’m going to get the rest of you to join me. 3 orange boys and 1 tabby boy, plus a calico mom. She was severely malnourished when she was rescued, so she’s still pretty dang skinny. The kittens are, I think, about 2 weeks old.

This is the 32nd litter this man has fostered.

This is just too cute :slight_smile: Just watched the weigh in and some live footage with my 8 year old daughter, as I say too cute. Bless that kind, wonderful man for adopting all those kitties.

They are. Earlier they were squeaking away, and I just about died.

He hasn’t adopted them, btw. He fosters for a rescue group. When they’re old enough, they’ll be adopted out.

I heard them squeaking away and I have to admit it was adorable :slight_smile:

Fostering them is still a wonderful thing to do and I give him much respect. He’s giving the little ones the best possible start in life before they find their forever home. We adopted two male kittens (brothers) four months ago now, almost broke the bank to adopt them! It’s stupidly expensive to adopt a cat here in Sweden and cost us 3,000 Kroner for Stellan and Lotus :eek: They were, and are worth far more than I could ever begin to tell though :slight_smile:

Oh GOODNESS! There is one little insomniac up right now, wondering why his sibs arent up and lookin’ around too…TOO ADORABLE!

Isn’t it just :slight_smile: I’ve just checked on them and they’re all feeding away greedily whilst mummy sleeps soundly, just lovely :slight_smile:

Awww… too cute!!! Excuse me a moment while I gawk like a 7 year old.


They ARE worth it (usually - ask me about our obnoxious furball sometime).

I’m curious, though - why is it so much to adopt a pair of cats in Sweden? 3000 Kroner converts to about $US347 at the moment. We got two kittens from the local Human Society/Animal Shelter for (I think) about $US135. And the deal was that the first one was something like $95, but the 2nd one was about half off. (The half being taken off the cost, of course, not from the cat. That would be messy) Granted, this was almost 12 years ago, but I heard recently that the very same shelter had a free kitten event. They were working hard to reduce their population of homeless pets.

Oh my day’s you made me laugh “half being taken off the cost not the cat.” ! :eek:

I’m British and have been living here in Sweden for 16 months now. Everything here is expensive and it’s been a shock seeing Swedish prices compared to back home in England.

Katthjälpen i Malmö is the sanctuary where we rescued Stellan and Lotus and after asking our Swedish friends about how expensive it was to adopt them we were told that the price was normal. Kittens are given away willy nilly in England and we never had to pay for a cat when I was growing up (we had 4 in total, not 1 of them cost us a penny). We also had to pay the 2,200 Kr to get them neutered and the last jabs kittens need, also in that price was their pet passports in case husbands work takes us to another country (which is a possibility).

Y’all have to go and watch today’s weighing video. Talk about Keystone Kops! I almost cried with laughter as poor John kept trying to weigh Tesla while keeping Darwin, Newton, and Einstein corralled AND off the scale while keeping Tesla ON it.