Kitty Litter....which to choose?

Now that I am a cat servant, I need to consider what would be best for our cat pooping needs.

The stuff his former owner used was the $1.97 a bag stuff from walmart. She would put a large garbage bag in/around the bottom of the kitty litter tray, pour in the stuff and put the top thingie on it. In one week she would just remove the bag.
I think this is a swell idea. Roughly about$4.00 a month for litter and I already have that size bag in stock.
I know that I will probably get flamed for being cheap and lazy but at this new stage of the game, I am not ready to deal with kitty poo and scooping.
What works for you?

I’ve been doing the same thing for 13 years. I do recommend some Arm & Hammer Cat litter deodorizer in the bottom before putting in the litter, it works wonders.

(I know I’m just too lazy to scoop. Poopy cat would end up going in a pan full of lumps.)

We’ve been palying around with various litters, and have tried the corn-based, pine-scented junk. We keep coming back to the tubs of Stater Bros. (a local grocery chain) litter. The kitties don’t seem to mind. We scoop every day, but that’s just us. Save your money on the deoderizer, and just sprinkle generic baking soda on the bottom of the pan before you pour in the litter.

When you scoop, you will notice that the cats will head for the box the second you are done. Fastidious little creatues just like to poop in a fresh field. Of course, pressure eventually leads to SNR’s cat’s approach. :smiley:

For years I was buying Arm & Hammer scooping litter. At some point a few months ago, I realized what a waste of money this was. I’ve got 4 cats and simply change the two boxes every two days. It works for us. So, the scooping feature was a waste.

I bought a big bag of cheap clay litter. Poured it into the littterboxes. The cats revolted against it. One urinated in my daughter’s closet. :eek: :eek: :eek: I immediately went back to the clumping and all was fine. I feel they were A) used to it, and B) irritated by the larger bits of clay in their paws. (WAG).

I mean, we’re talking a few dollars more a week opposed to cat urine all over the place. Seems to me to be a no-brainer. OTOH, my mom has one dear old old lady cat, about 15 and diabetic, blind in one eye, etc. She does use clumping, but with just the one cat she scoops the clumps and really doesn’t dump out the box ever. She cleans it several times a day, and adds in new litter. How many do you have, Shirley?

I second the Arm & Hammer deodorizer. It really does the trick. Since my office houses the two litterboxes, this is a crucial component. :smiley:


I just have one pussy.

Two, if you count the cat. :smiley:

We’ve used all kinds (including clay) but finally settled on Scoop Away.

I see it as economical. Rather than wait until clay litter is soiled enough to warrant dumping the whole box, we scoop as they poop.

If you don’t want to scoop, Wal-Mart sells plastic liners that have slits in them. One non-slitted piece of plastic goes in the bottom of the box, and a slitted piece goes on top of that, then the litter. Just pick up the sides of the slitted plastic – the clumps stay in it, the clean litter filters back to the box.

We have two adult male neutered cats and three boxes. Some expert somewhere said always have one more box than you have cats. Seems to work.


She said pussy.


Well, Pam, I heartily invite those “experts” to kiss mein touchas cause I am not gonna have five freakin’ litterboxes in my office.

And that’s that !! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have four litterboxes for 8 cats, and use pine pellet stable bedding as litter. It is the same stuff that’s sold at much higher prices under the name Feline Pine. I don’t scoop, just empty the boxes every other day. The odor control is remarkable (a couple of my cats won’t use scented litter, but don’t mind this) and it doesn’t have the sharp little pieces to get underfoot.

Wow, I can’t believe I never thought of this. I use Feline Pine, but have always used the the pine wood pellet stove pellets in the barn instead of paying more for actual stable bedding pellets. So by that reasoning, I will try using wood stove pellets instead of kitty litter. $3.49 for a 40# bag should go a long way as kitty litter.

:slight_smile: That’s why we only have two cats. You have four? Cool.

I don’t know why somebody doesn’t start a Home Catbox service. I’d gladly pay somebody to come around a couple times a week and clean the boxes.

How much would you pay? I’m interested in an animal-related job I can do out of my home…this might be an idea.

One of my cat-owning friends told me about this litter called Yesterday’s News that’s made of recycled newspapers and is supposed to be very smell-free because it’s organic and made of paper. I’m going to get a bag for the cat I’m getting tomorrow and test it out. The only problem is, it’s kind of expensive, at two dollars for a fairly small (probably seven litter changes at the very most) bag. So it’s not something I’d get all the time. But if you have the money I’d recommend testing it out and seeing how the cat likes it.

I used the Arm and Hammer clumping kind for my last cat and that worked out okay. I’d recommend A&H deodorizer for sprinkling on top of the litter.

I adopted my cat at 6 months from a 3 cat household. Since he was used to Fresh Step, I’ve kept using it. I just have the one box for the one cat. Monty’s pretty tolerant of the box being scooped out less than once a week, and I only do a complete change out of the litter every 3 months or so. This usage is low enough and FS deodorizes enough that there’s no noticiable odor in the apartment. I usually buy 20 or 30 lbs. at a time at Target.

I have 4 cats and 1 litter box.

I use the Target brand clumping litter- its half the price of scoopaway brand and almost exactly the same. The cats like it fine and the box gets cleaned every day and dumped and scrubbed once a month. No problems.

As for odor control, I just buy the big bag of arm & hammer baking soda at costco for 4 bucks and add 1/2 scoop every other day to the box and “stir” it in after cleaning. I used to buy the cat box sprinkles by arm & hammer, but is is just scented baking soda and stupidly expensive for the amount you get.

The litter box they have is the Booda Dome from Petsmart.

3 cats; 4 litter boxes. I use Fresh Step scoopable because it seems to clump better than other brands. I hate when you pick up a pee patty and it shatters into a million little balls. :mad:

I used to have a cat who had very stinky pee. I found if I got a bag of the store-brand litter and a bag of the store brand of the fancy pee-absorbing crystal things and mixed them generously (no skimping on the crystals, though they were a bit more expensive) that kept me from smelling anything unless he took a really stinky dump or something.

Two cats, one box and i use the fresh step or another multicat scoopable with the baking soda stuff and scoop daily. My cats used yesterday’s news after surgery and I was amazed at the fact that there was no odor but I can’t deal with washing the entire box every few day.

I tried the liners but my babies shredded them. What can I say? They love plastic, playing with it, licking it, and eating it. It doesn’t work well for dumping if it’s half out of the box and full of holes, though.

My only problem is that I need a bigger box because the cats don’t always get that just because all four paws are in the box doesn’t mean the butt isn’t hanging over the edge a little.

Tidy Cat makes a Crystal Blend scoopable litter based on the same concept that works realy well for me. I used to do the change the litterbox frequently with cheap ass clay litter, but disliked the huge bags of waste that generated (plus the smell wasn’t great). Now I use the scoopable stuff and just scoop as soon as I walk in the door from work. The Crystal Blend stuff really keeps the smell down. I find I only need to do a complete change every three or so months.

I found the prepackaged blends didn’t have enough crystals, so I added more myself. You never smelled this kitty’s pee. I loved him to death (had to give him up for adoption almost three years ago) but he could stink up my entire apartment given a chance.

Oh, and I was a bit lazy about scooping (never tried scoopable litter with him because he kicked the stuff everywhere and it was hard enough to keep up with sweeping up the regular stuff) but it got cleaned a couple of times a week. I also had a really big box, since he was a big kitty.

I miss him. sniffle