Kitty with dry food snobbery.

I have a cat who is not at all keen on dry food, he’s still young and any sort of wet food is giving him diarrhoea.
I want him to get used to the premium dry stuff, but the constant yowling sounds like hunger pains and are making me feel awful.
Any tips on getting him to understand these biscuits are dinner!? I’ve never had this trouble with any previous cats.

Just try a different brand, or a different flavor. He may also prefer something a little less premium. My cat rejected Purina ONE (the midgrade brand) in favor of Purina Cat Chow Natural (the lower end brand). He actually ignores his wet food in favor of CCN. And he spits on Science Diet. shrug Cats - who can explain 'em?

Try mixing a tiny bit of wet food into his kibble, or a bit of chicken broth.

Handful of dry food in bowl, add hot water just to cover and let sit about 45 minutes before giving to cat . The pieces will be bloated w/ water and a bit smelly; in other words perfect cat food.
OP, you seem to have forgotten a picture link…

First of all - the cat is having persistent diarrhea and yet he’s eating only wet food (since you say he’s refusing to eat dry)? That’s not a problem with the wet food, that calls for a vet visit.

It’s not really snobbery or stubbornness. Cats who are restricted to a certain kind of cat food in their formative years often become so fixated on their usual diet that they simply do not recognize other foods as ‘food’. Your kitty is hungry and for some reason that other food isn’t registering as something he *can *eat. Don’t let him get too hungry - cats do not do well with fasting.

I would try mixing rather than cold turkey, that’s worked for me (along with time and patience) many times to transition a ‘picky’ cat to a more varied diet. Put the sauce from the wet food on the dry, so at least he will be licking the dry food and might be tempted to bite a piece and start to think of it as ‘food’. Or use water to soften the dry food so he’s not so baffled/put off by the cruchy texture.

Cats who are fed a variety of fresh foods from a young age aren’t any more choosy than your average dog. I should know, I have two and know more, they will eat almost anything and it’s annoying.

I’ve also been providing cooked chicken which hasn’t resulted in loose stools, he just seems to react the tin stuff. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I’ve tried two different brands at each end of the price spectrum but I’ll give the water/chicken broth method a go today and let you know! Here’s a picture of the little guy, his name is Albus.

Mine is not a dry food snob, but he will only eat Fancy Fest cans. He will let other can foods rot. yet he seems willing to eat any dry food.