Kkk Senator?? Who?

Who is the Senator that was a KKK grand dragon etc thats in the news? Just caught a second of the news and missed who it was.

I know Robert Byrd (D-W. Va.) used to be a member, but it was a long time ago and he’s renounced it. I’m not aware that he was a grand dragon… although if you’re watcing… :cough: certain stations, perhaps that’s how it’d be billed since he has been a public critic of Bush (two days ago, he criticized Bush’s ‘speech on the aircraft carrier’ thing).


Nothing on CNN or ABCNews wesite about anything like that.

What are you talking about?

You may be confusing two politicians.

David Duke was a Grand Wizard type (he is currently in prison).
He still harbors these views.

The person in news recently, who was certainly in the Klan, was Byrd (D- W. Va.) as Marley says. He was a rank and file member of the Klan, and not in the leadership. As far as I know, he has repudiated these views (certainly so in public). I still am surprised every time the DEMOCRATS elect an ex-Klansmen. Sharpton took off on this recently when he said he couldn’t believe the Senator he agreed with most ( the only person willing to stand up against the war to his liking) was an ex-Klansman. Sharpton noted it was an odd day when he and an ex-klansman agreed on anything.

I don’t think the fact that he was in the Klan is in question. I don’t believe however, he was a senior member of any kind.

The guy sure is a blowhole. And in the interest of bipartisanship, I offer John Warner of Virginia as his counterpart. Talk about two people who love the sound of their own voices!

You’d think an ex Klansman would know better but Senator Byrd let the words “White Nigger” slip out in a conversation last year. He didn’t get the high level of flack you’d expect. I’m assuming everyone sees him as another Jesse Helms and are just waiting for him to die.

He does pork barrel a nice road though. He’s got the best highway’s around those parts.

Did anyone catch the "I was SO poor"athon between him and former SecTreas Paul O’Neil a few years back? THAT was a classic moment of two idiots going back and forth trying to one up each other.

That moment should have, if it wasn’t, been parodied by SNL.

It’s an odd day with anybody agrees with Sharpton on anything. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, I have to say - mostly since Byrd has been the closest thing to a leading Democrat to stand up to Bush lately - that if he’s honestly given up on those views (and I don’t know any reason to think he hasn’t) it’s a pretty dead issue. It would be one thing if he was in the Senate and in the Klan, but he’s an older man and my understanding is that this is not a recent thing at all. It’s not like he’s Trent Lott. :putz:

Did anybody else want to die laughing when Republicans said Walter Mondale was too old to run for the Senate last year?

Which republicans said that? I do remember his ideas being called old, but not Mondale himself, a cite would be appreciated.

I’ll see what I can find. I think if no one else, his opponent implied it.

Out of touch was the way I heard it described.

I also imagine there were MANY republicans glad to see the fossils go home.