Kneed Advice

Medical question time! For the record, I am seeing a doctor, my follow-up is actually this afternoon, but I would like some additional data.

Around August, I did something to my knee - I was trying to see if I could climb vertically using lateral pressure against two vertical supports (yes, I know. I shouldn’t be doing that. I’m an oddball) - basically, pressing my back and my foot into opposite sides of a door frame.

The door frame not being particularly wide, I couldn’t really muster enough leverage to stay off the ground, but I tried pretty hard - putting a lot of weight/force onto my right leg, and consequently my right knee, as it was in a very nearly totally compressed position.

And yeah, it was a bit sore for a day or two, but I thought nothing of it. Muscle strain, I’d guessed. And sure enough, it went back to normal… mostly. I’d get twinges of pain when walking on stairs. I couldn’t bend the knee under my full weight without pain. It was ‘popping’ into place when I’d sit down.

I figured it’d work itself out, and went on with my usual exercise routine. It didn’t really get better or worse, and I began to get concerned, because I’m old enough that this could become a serious hindrance once normal joint wear and tear starts adding on top of it. Plus, I even noticed some crackling when moving the kneecap around.

Two week ago, I went to the doctor, and he told me to avoid stairs for a while if possible and to stop exercising, let it heal. I’ve done that. The crackling stopped within a day or two. And the pain - though it was already pretty minor - does seem less now. Buuuuuut… I want to resume my exercise routine. I don’t want to start gaining weight. And my doctor … I have issues with him. He doesn’t communicate very well, and tends to be pretty dismissive. If I get some additional thoughts from you folks, maybe I can ask him better questions this afternoon.

What I am hoping for : I want my knee back at 100%. Without surgery. It seems like it might get there, but I have no idea how long it will take. I don’t even have a diagnosis from the doctor. I assume it was a tendon strain two weeks ago, but it sounds more like PFPSto me now. It feels like the cartilage / synovial fluid / whatever that cushions the back of the knee from bumping into the bottom of the femur is damaged/thinned. Does that heal on its own usually? I’ve got no weakness in the joint, no pain while standing or sitting, just slight pain if the limb is under weight and transitioning from the one position to the other. (Like, if we picture standing as a 180 degree angle, and sitting as a 90 degree angle, 135 degrees and a few degrees to either side is the pain point.) Pain’s hard to localize, but I think it’s behind the kneecap.

Looking for thoughts, advice, hope-inspiring anecdotes, whatever you’ve got.

What kind of doctor did you see? Go to an orthopedist that specializes in knees and ask him if he thinks physical therapy (PT) could work.

Find a sports med facility, they usually have orthopedist, PT, & other related things all under one roof.

My general care physician is a D.O., which I infer to mean he is an orthopedist. Not sure my insurance coverage lets me seek out other specialist care without a referral from him.

Why would you infer that, instead of looking it up? He’s not an orthopedist - no orthopedist would ever see you as a general practitioner. D.O. stands for “doctor of osteopathic medicine.”

I inferred it because I confused osteopathy and orthopedics. Oops. Brain fart, it happens. :smack:

Anyway. Spoke with him, he’s recommended two more weeks of rest, and I confirmed that his original diagnosis (two weeks ago) was patellar tendinitis, which makes no sense to me based on how and when I feel pain. He said if there’s no improvement in two weeks he’ll recommend the MRI.

I need to find a doctor that actually istens, but I don’t have time for that kind of hassle right now.

Found out my insurance covers specialist visits without a referral, so I got it checked out by an orthopedic specialized Physician Assistant at a local hospital today. Diagnosed a Patellar contusion, which makes a lot more sense to me. Should heal on its own eventually, and I can exercise on it, so that’s a win-win.

I’ve had some experience with knee trouble-both knees; 25 years ago I couldn’t walk more than 100 yards without excruciating pain. My Dr. recommended a bicycle to build up muscle in the knees. It’s gentle exercise (no jarring as in walking or jogging). I started on an exercise bike, 45 minutes every day while watching the news. In Spring I started riding a mountain bike. It worked, no more knee pain!

It might not help your particular situation but it is unlikely to hurt and it will hep you to maintain physical fitness while your soft-tissue injury heals.

Timetrvlr, I think you must have read an alternate timeline version of this post. As I posted, the diagnosis is a bone bruise, which isn’t a soft-tissue injury. Also, I couldn’t pedal a bike right now to save my life, that would involve the exact motion that presses the bruised bone against my femur, resulting in crippling pain.