Knight Rider - Laughably awful or what?

I saw the first 20 minutes or so of Knight Rider last night. I’ve gotta say I laughed a lot. The car talks in an annoying whiny voice. Michael Knight looks like a Ken doll. The car does all sort of crazy transforming stuff and can turn into a pickup (wtf?) It can perform a jump from a standstill.

This is from a fan of the 1980’s Knight Rider. But of course I was like 12 then. :rolleyes:

I’m told it got better after they put the fire out. The fire which was started by a missle that they were trying to drive 280 MPH to outrun.

Dude, say what you want about Knight Rider (and there’s a lot of bad things to say about it)…but there will be no bagging on Val Kilmer.

Plus, hot chicks in underwear. There will be no discouraging that, either.

I didn’t see Val Kilmer, he must have came in later.

Well I sort of laughed at the forced premise of riding in a burning car to get the girl out of her dress, but once she was out, well skinny but pretty!

Val Kilmer is KITT!!!

Oh, and the woman is the “bow-chikka-wow-wow” girl from the Axe commercials.

I have it on DVR and haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but did see the Knight Rider movie last season.

You do realize this is Knight Rider, not Shakespeare’s “Ode To A Riding Knight”.

I mean, what did you expect to see other than silly nonsense and shiny things to keep 12 year-old’s, with attention spans of puppies, glued to the TV? Sometimes I like to watch silly shows…will wait until I see this to determine if it stays on my DVR taping list, but I do know what to expect.

At one point the flaming KITT is driving across a bridge. Did it occur to anyone that maybe, y’know, driving into water might help?

And what’s the point of “killing” Michael Tracer if you don’t change his appearance? Judging from the exceptionally public and splashy nature of the adventure thus far, how long before “Michael Knight” appears in the papers?

I don’t know, post back when you’ve seen it. I don’t expect Shakespeare, but the capabilities of KITT to me were just over the top. Throw in a good dose of techno-babble and standard action/spy movie plot devices as well.

Yeah, after we saw KITT turn into a freakin’ truck, I knew there was no way in hell he couldn’t go underwater.


Oh, wait, you mean the NEW version?

Haven’t seen it, but it can’t be more laughably awful than the original.

Prepare to be surprised.

Damn you for making me defend this, but it was napalm…does that work differently?

Well, I admit it was magic napalm (or at least it behaved in a manner normal napalm does not) so all bets are off, but it would’ve been nice for somebody to suggest it, at least.

I only saw part of it. It had some hot babes and that was nice, but I’m not sure I’ll bother trying it again. Maybe one more chance.

Well apparently napalm burns so hot that water can actually feed and spread the fire (I suppose by breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen), but I’d still think submerging the car would wash much of the napalm off, and retard the burning.

Oh, I’ll watch it. Just as I will continue to eat popcorn. What of it? :mad:

I’d be less surprised to find something that had a temperature of -10 Kelvin.

I thought it was pretty mediocre as a kid, and given some of the stuff I thought was awesome as a kid, that gives it a pretty impressive level of suck, right there.

One of my co-workers was teling me about this scene and how laughable and unbelievable it is, my immediate response was “they just didn’t consider taking into account the law of Conservation of Matter and Energy, did they, where’d that extra mass of the F-150 come from?”

My co-worker just shook his head and said “yeah, I know…”

I guess I’ll watch it on Hulu tonight, I’m in the mood for some MST3k/Rifftrax style riffing…

My Knight Rider nitpicks;

First off, the viewer must be willing to completely turn off their brain, especially the higher reasoning center before watching the show, or else the viewer will suffer a cranial rupture due to massive overpressurization of the cranial cavity

(your head will explode)

If K.I.T.T. is trying to keep a low profile, why not turn off the GHOP (Glowing Hood Of Passio…err…Performance) and the requisite Cylonesque “Whrr-Whrr noises”, and get rid of all the riceboy crap to boot (spoilers, body kit, extra useless lighting, neon undercarriage lights, etc…

As I posted above, the Transformer-esque morphing from a small, relatively lightweight Mustang into a fully riced-out F-150 full size 4x4 strains against the Laws of Conservation of Mass and Energy

On the same Transformers-esque morph, how did Michael and Sarah wind up in the front seats of the Re-Equined K.I.T.T.? they climbed into the bed of the truck, logically, they should be in the Mustang’s trunk, or at least the rear seats…

Since the “Bad” Transformer in the Michael Bay movie was also a Ford, it’s clear that K.I.T.T. is EVIL, he has a Cylon-esque GHOP and “Whrr-Whrr” noise, and he can transform from one state to another, he clearly also has Decepticon “DNA” (for lack of a better term), I’d imagine he also has some Dalek in him as well, and what’s with the "Hal 9000"esque round red light in his dashboard, at some point you know he’s going to say “I’m sorry Michael, but I can’t do that”…

Where’d they hide the jet engine that powers his VTOL system?