Knitters: I Really Want This Hat...

That hat is simply awesome!

The Viking Hat rocks! They need a girl version with the long braids. One of you “knitwits” needs to start a novelty baby hat business.

I think I figured it out – in my mind you were the lovechild of khadaji and phall, both of whom are from Penna. [/hijack]

I shall call myself “Khalhadji”.

I always thought Kalhoun was from Tennessee. I have no idea of just why I thought this.

I take your viking and bunny hat and up it to: coonskin knit hat and raise it to Cupcake hat [size=1] One room at the end of the hall farthest from the nurses station, thank you very much.
Oh, and sistercoyote thanks for the encouraging words and manifesto! ( I think I am nearly ready to move on to knitting socks.)

Correction. I shall call myself Tennessee “Ernie” Kalhadji."

Works for me!

Oh, no. I think it’s this one. Exponentially worse.

They could sell millions of 'em to drunk guys at football games.