Knitters: I Really Want This Hat...

Hey guys,

I am dying to get my hands on this cute, cute knit hat for my son who is due in July. Is there anyplace / anyone that would knit this for me like some sort of commissioned work? I am in love with this hat! has the pattern, but I’d prefer blue in the ears instead of pink.

Any ideas how I can get this hat on my little man’s head?

Thanks all!
sj2, non-knitter

I don’t knit, but I did laugh like a loon at that picture. Bwahahaha!

Sorry, I guess that’s not totally helpful.

QUOTE=Larry Mudd]I don’t knit, but I did laugh like a loon at that picture. Bwahahaha!

Sorry, I guess that’s not totally helpful.

It IS a tad ridiculous, ain’t it? But that’s why I want it so badly. tee-hee :smiley:

I’m a knitter. That pattern looks like a pretty quick easy pattern (the hat itself is totally simple, the ears, a little more involved, but they are small, so they are quick).

I would love to make it for you but I have about 5 projects going simutaneously right now, and more yarn on the way! So I really can’t take on anything else. I am sure someone will be here soon to offer to do it!!!

I wouldn’t mind taking a shot at it, if you have some time to wait. And if somebody comes along who’s a bit more talented at this stuff, take any offer you can get. It really is a cute li’l hat.

There is a place for talented craftspeople to hawk their wares. You can also request items as well and how much you are willing to pay.


FWIW, the kinda yarn they are asking for is expensive. Alpaca is incredibly soft and very warm and costs about $20 and up for a hank, if not more.

My knitting talents have not progressed as far as that, but that hat is the bomb.
I’ve had very good luck at Etsy. (I am the same name there.)

Thanks for the site Shirley Ujest, I’ll check it out.

Our son is due in July so there is plenty of time! I just want to have is little chubby head in that hat–I think I may be a bit obsessed at the moment…

sj2: I’ll knit the hat for you. I have knit those bunny ears before.

Email is in my profile. I need to talk to you about what yarn you really want to use for the hat. Alpaca will be wonderfully soft and warm, but needs to be tenderly hand-washed.

Um…cute hat, but if you ask me, it’s a guaranteed life in a dark, damp, smelly nursing home in your old age. :wink:

Only if the pix are dragged out when he’s a teenager.

But of course! That’s the whole idea!

I have a “nekkid in the sink” picture of Kid Kalhoun hanging in my bathroom. (Actually, all his girlfriends thought he was the cuuuutest thing evah.)

Are you coming to Gettysdope? You’re absolutely on my list of Dopers I Want To Meet.

I can’t seem to get to your email address (at least I can’t see it)…I have mine available in my profile!

That all depends on where you buy it. Knit Picks has a nice silk/alpaca blend that’s relatively inexpensive. I haven’t tried their other alpacas, however, so can’t speak to their quality.

/me swats Shirley (gently). If you can knit, and you can purl, your talents are ready for that hat.

See what I mean?


I hate Opie & Anthony. So much.

This is the hat that will guarantee your time in a dark smelly nursing home.

I’ve been crocheting bunny hats for years. Mine are more for an older baby with floppy ears, (the hat not the baby).

I can understand you wanting blue inside the ears instead of pink, but the first thing I thought of was, dead bunny.

Dang! I’m in Chicago. But put put a picture of me at the table (with a Rum ‘n’ Coke) and I’ll party vicariously through youze guys!

Chicago? Really? Why did I think you lived in Central PA somewhere? Hunh? Why?

Maybe because I buy gourds from the Pennsylavnia Amish? That’s as close as I’ve ever gotten.