Any knitters/crocheters want to volunteer to make goofy hats? [UPDATE: Cancer is gone!]

My best friend’s little boy has brain cancer. He’s undergoing radiation and chemo and has lost all his hair.

To make things more difficult, he also has autism so he’s having a hard time figuring things out; however, I’ve made him a few goofy hats (monster, fish, monster, sock monkey) which he likes and they cheer him up quite a bit.

I’m wondering if anyone has a goofy hat recipe they would consider whipping up for him - I think he would think it was pretty cool to get some international goofy hats. :slight_smile:

I’m game. Gotta think about what will work. What size have you made?

He has a larger beano, despite only being 5, so make an adult size. ETA - I’ve made all adult sizes and they work well for him.

His favorite colour is red, but he also likes orange and yellow.

The goofier, the better! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Heh. Guess I’ll have to go look at some of the links in the other knitting thread. AIR there were some goofy hats that could serve as inspiration.

ETA: Any recommendations on yarn texture or weight?

I think whatever you like - he’s doing chemo until October so he’ll have pretty well every season of hat required.

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[nonmod]off to look at my knitting books[/nonmod]

Crocheters, if you’re interested in a pattern, there’s a designer, Stacey Trock, I like who makes cute hat designs, that are extremely simple to make and each pattern offers multiple sizes.

I am not affiliated in any way. I just like her patterns.

I’d be happy to whip something up! Are there any fiber restrictions? ie, machine washable only, cotton only, no wool, etc.

I think machine washable is good for pretty well any 5 year old boy! Other than that, no restrictions - he’s not bothered by wool, etc. however I think cheap, washable acrylic would work great!

These are so cute! I’m so bummed that I’m so hopeless at crochet!

Just spent a movie going through ravelry hat patterns and favoriting ones that might have possibilities. Came up with a ton. Well, 55, anyway. You should be able to browse through them here if you’re a ravelry member. (And if you’re not, you should sign up!)

From that list I’ve made him the Fish Hat, the Annoyed Monster Hat (his fave), and the Sock Monkey hat so maybe avoid those if you’re thinking of busting something out. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll just make him a striped stocking hat – I find complicated patterns too fidgety.

Could you get me a head circumference? What colors does he like? I’ve got a ball and a half each of orange, red, and yellow in my stash.

HIs fave colour is red, but red orange and yellow would be fantastic.

He wears a man’s hat size 7 I think.

Checking my various books, that looks like about a 22" circumference to start.

Cool! I’m up for something different – this will be fun.

Thanks for the info, alice. I figured you might have made him the fish one when I saw you were the one who had linked the pattern in the other thread.

Crochet-er here, and I’ll be glad to hook the little guy up with some wacky hats :slight_smile:

Yay!! He’s super stoked to be getting INTERNATIONAL goofy hats!

Question, would he wear something pink? I have an idea for a pink piggie hat but I know when my nephew was that age, you couldn’t have gotten him to wear anything pink for all the grape soda and Legos in the universe.

Hummm - I don’t think so, although the pig part would appeal for sure. Could it be a muddy pick piggy with some brown on it maybe?

If I can only hunt it up among my mom’s belongings, we have a pattern for a cotton beanie that looks like a strawberry. Do you think the kid would find it too girly?