Please suggest some knitting patterns for me.

While I was in Winnipeg I visited Ram Yarns (the only good part of that city) and purchased some of this yarn.

I bought some in blue for myself and in a beautiful eucalyptus green colour. I bought the green specifically for my best friend and I want to make her some sort of scarf or wrap type thing with it for X-mas.

They gave me a pattern at the store but I don’t really like it - it’s really, really fussy to knit and not really her style (it looks a lot like a doily).

I would like to knit her something she can wear with clothes (as opposed to outerwear), not too fussy to knit (eg, not a lot of dropped stitches, or loopyness, or other stuff like that, that annoys me and makes my head hurt)

The yarn doesn’t really lend itself to cables at all, and I’m not crazy about how they look.

I guess I’d like something sort of pretty and interesting but not twee or fidgity.

So - any nice patterns you’ve seen? Tried? Knit? Would recommend?

My knitting needles await!

Have fun: Knitty’s archive of wraps

Alternatively, their catalogue of vests

Thanks - I’m actually a Knitty member and have browsed there quite a bit - there’s a couple that I like OK, but I was hoping someone could recommend something they’ve actually made themselves. :slight_smile:

Are you on Ravelry yet? Srsly, this is the perfect question for it.

Input the yarn name and you can see what others have done with it, or search wraps and see patterns then see notes from people who’ve actually done it themselves, what yarn they’ve used, what modifications, etc. ad nauseam. I mean, lots of the random knitters here are random knitters there, so either way, you get the voice of relative experience with whatever pattern rings your bell.

Oops, missed the edit window.
Anyway, there are 6 something pages of projects on Ravelry using that yarn, about two pages are wraps, and it seems “Wisp” from Cheryl Niamath, published by Knitty comes up a lot. I dig it. Looks good. Haven’t knit it, so can’t help you there. But it gets a 4/5 stars based on 453 votes, does that help?

Links in case you are a ravelry member, or, just to frustrate you into signing up.

I was making placemats, and I had a lot of fun on this site checking out the different patterns. I was able to make four different placemats, practice new stitches, and they worked up quickly enough it didn’t get boring.

Well, I’ve put in my request for membership at Ravelry so hopefully I’ll be approved and can look at all the lovely patterns there.

I’ve actually poured through that site ivylass, but nothing seems to jump out at me.

There is one on that I like quite a bit, but I think I would potentially strangle myself with yarn - I find following their grids very difficult - I don’t know why, I have no trouble at all with intarsia grids even with 10 or 12 colours going on at once, but the lace grids kind of freak me out.

I may just have to suck it up and try it already…