Say, Yarn-y Dopers, I'm now one of you!

I’ve started crocheting, and will be trying knitting at some point in the not-to-distant future. **gardentraveler **and I both found everyone’s enthusiasm for yarn-projects contagious, as she said in her MMP.

So what are you working on/what have you finished recently?

I made myself a scarf I’m not going to link to because it’s not very well done. And I made my husband a hatthat actually turned out pretty well.

I’ve been shown how to make granny-squares so that might be an upcoming project.
Yarn is fun!

Quick post because I’m running out the door -

This is the sweater I’m knitting currently, but using Ella Rae Silkience yarn. The color is out of stock (I think I got most of the last of it), #07 which is kind of a muted fuschia-type color.

I have a fairly complicated sock started-- it has vines on it now and will have a spider on the back of the leg. (Persons on ravelry can look up the Gardener sock pattern–my sock is palest pink. If this sock is running around loose on the internets, I don’t know where to find it–I mean, I can link to the actual pattern–but that’s a PDF).

I also have a fairly simple man’s glove started–in purple. I think I’m knitting gloves or mittens of some sort for most of my relatives this year as Christmas presents.

spends time pondering why the wide world of Ravelry gets permission to see anything I knit but no one on the SDMB does . . . decides to be brave

Here is a link to my sock as it was Saturday morning at 11 am or thereabouts. No link to pictures of the glove because no pictures exist anywhere.

I crochet while listening to audiobooks which means I can’t count or do anything complicated. So, I’m making a granny square afghan for my kid. Not lots of little squares, one big square. :slight_smile:

Oooh, pretty sweater. I’m not ready to tackle something that nice yet.

Oooh, nice! I’m on Ravelry with my same name as here.

I LOVE that! Very cool!

My name on Ravelry is NOT the same as it is here–on Ravelry it has an s on the end.

I’ve been known to knit while listening to audiobooks–baby bibs mostly. Stuff far less complicated than that sock I linked to a picture of. Although I may have finished off the sock prior to that one while listening to an audiobook. Though, of course, that’s unfair as the sock before this one was much less complicated and finishing it off meant stockinette with decreases, not all that fussy stuff. Listening to basketball games is about my limit–if I tune out for a while while knitting the tricky bits, it doesn’t matter. Knitting the stockinette sole is plenty of time to figure out whether “my” team is (still)winning or losing.

Welcome to the dark side! I was really into crocheted rag rugs - they’re quite time intensive so I haven’t worked on one in a while, but I have a basket of fabric strip staring at me longingly…

go crazy, kid

Hello Again,
I clicked your link expecting to see a rug like my mother has made and instead I see a bunch of yarn for sale. I was much more dissappointed than I was tempted–yarn I can touch calls my name much more loudly.

I don’t think I’ve ever outed myself as a male crocheter here. Guess I will now.

I’m Saltire and I’m an amateur hooker.:cool:

I have some sort of mental block when it comes to patterns–even though I consider myself a beginner, I just can’t seem to do anything exactly like the pattern. I always have to modify it a bit, thinking I can make it better. I’m usually successful, though I’ve certainly had some of my additions turn out worse than intended.

Right now, I have two projects going. The first is diagonal-striped necktie which is entirely my own idea–There is probably a pattern like this out there somewhere, but I’ve never seen one. I do that one on the bus to and from work, getting a little less than an inch a day. I’m considering moving further away from my job just to get more crochet time. But it’s all single crochet in size 10 cotton, so it doesn’t grow quickly. I’m about half done.

The other one is inspired from something from The Crochet Dude’s Designs for Guys. It’s sort of crocheted earmuffs–a headband that widens in the back to cover the ears. It’s not quite like the Dude does it. I’ve done one, and am starting a second to improve it with what the first taught me. It’s in super bulky yarn, so it is a very fast project.

I’m on Ravelry as Ferret-Herder, though I don’t check it much these days.

I have one of those that needs the endless ends tucked or otherwise dealt with. And another one in progress. I do them to use up leftovers. And they’re easy to do while I’m Doping. The only difference is that I start with two squares sewn together. I really like the colors on yours.

That’s a great idea! You’d wind up with a nice, reasonable rectangle instead of a great big hulkin’ square – I’m going to try that next.

Thanks, thirdwarning.

Well, it does get closer to square the bigger it gets.

I’m trying to make as many afghans as I can, *while I can.

I’m working on a granny square for my son’s Sponge Bob themed room. The colors are Turquoise, Lime, Yellow, and Royal Blue.

I’m also doing a ripple in Mocha, Med. Pink, and Ivory.

I’ve been crocheting for 30 years, but somehow never made either of those two patterns. I always preferred the useless lacy afghans that your toes stick out of.
*I have this, which is making crafting difficult.

Good. There can never be enough man-hookers in this world.

waits for the rest of the knitting and crocheting Doper men to come out of the woodwork.

Male knitter checking in here. Well, knitter for all of about two months now. I had always been curious about knitting, and the rash of SDMB threads on the subject finally put me over the edge. This is so addictive. I can now watch TV and not feel guilty, because I’m working on something! I’ve just got several scarves and hats under my belt, but today I learned how to cable (not quite as scary as I thought – I’m actually impressed by how easy it is. The visual effect of a cable looks much more complex than it actually is) and I’m thinking of taking a three-session class at the knitting store to do a baby sweater (I’m not quite brave enough to undertake the project myself.) Discovering the fancy knitting store is not good for my pocketbook but, oh, does good yarn just feel so much better to work with.

Woot! More yarny Dopers!

Ferret Herder, that sweater is gorgeous. I think it’s going on the list of things I want to make.

pulykamell, every time my male boss sees me knitting (mostly at conferences), he tells me he can knit. I keep encouraging him to take it up again but he seems a little self-conscious. I think I’ll tell him about you.

I just had to frog my embossed leaves sock because I made a mistake just after turning the heel, and was so engrossed in the radio program I was listening to, I just carried on making the same mistake. sigh

And while the yarn types are collecting in this thread - anyone got a pattern for ‘Bleeding Heart Socks’? I was planning on making them, but didn’t buy the magazine with the pattern in when I saw it - and now it seems to be sold out.

Woo! It’s good to see all the new “yarnies” popping up. :slight_smile:

I knit for charity sometimes when I don’t have a recipient in mind but want to do something. My latest favorites are Afghans for Afghans, which knits warm, animal fiber items for Afghanis in need, and Mother Bear Project which uses a preset pattern to knit or crochet teddy bears for orphaned children in very poor regions of the world, mostly ones affected in some way (orphaned or afflicted by) AIDS. Reading some of the personal stories on the site about how these teddy bears are cherished by the children really got me.

I knit constantly. On the needles currently: legwarmer with cables similar to those in Mr. Greenjeans on both ends, done in a tweedy forest green Woolease. Not a fan of Woolease. Also a laceweight feather and fan scarf in Malabrigo Lace. Yummy yarn. This is my first lace weight project. I also have a navy and white hat with a row of skulls around it almost done. Knitpicks Telemark. It’s perfect for this project. And, the constant purse sock. This time it’s a cotton/wool self-striping blend which will become pom-pom peds for the summer. In semi-hibernation is the trinity stitch square for the Barbara Walker afghan.

Wool-Ease always feels really rough and scratchy on my fingers. Plus it tends to pill up fast - I used it to knit two throw pillow covers for our couch. After multiple trim sessions, I finally threw them out after a year or two. It’s only 20% wool, and for that 80% acrylic they must have bought the most plastic-y they could find!