What's up, Yarnies?

Christmas is coming - what are you working on?

I just finished spinning 8 ounces of Bluefaced Leicester, dyed in rainbow colours. It’s between sport and worsted weight. I have NO idea what to do with it.

I now county myself as fully bistitchual, having picked up knitting this year. I’m on a sock kick lately, and there will be many pairs knit for Christmas.

I’m working on a sweater for my teenaged son, out of Son of Stitch N’ Bitch.

What’s going on at your house?

I’m working a thermal blanket in Cream & Sugar cotton (white). The thermal blanket we bought about 4 years ago is getting VERY ratty and holey, but it was SO warm, so I decided to knit one. I’m planning on four or five one-foot-wide by six-feet-long panels in thermal stitch, with garter edges so I can sew them up neatly. I figure I’ll be done by April… :smiley:

I recently got ahold of some Japanese crochet books with some great sweater patterns (blog post), so I’ve been having some fun with those. But I’m still in the experimental stage, so I doubt I’ll be making anything as a gift this year.

Oh! For gifts! Duh… :smack:

I don’t knit gifts that often. I’m a slow yarncrafter who gets easily bored with projects. I still have 3/4 of a crocheted baby blanket I began for my nephew in a bag in the trunk of my car. He’s almost 4 years old.

No, not necessarily for gifts.

I wanted to ask - I find that Sugar n’ Cream, Lily n’ cream, whatever crochet cotton shrinks like a - well, something really shrinky. A blanket? Really?

Hmmm. I stupidly decided (and committed) to making the hubby and kidlet matching hats (toques, for fellow Canadians) by November 22, which is his Christmas party out in the mountains. Oy. I’m still fairly beginner, and I’m finding this a challenge. (so many stitches!) I did find a pattern that’s made on straight needles (dpn’s scare me) so it’s not hard, it’s just…harder than scarves.

And I’m working on a scarf for my sister for Christmas (which has been put on hold for the hat making) and once that’s done I’ve got a shawl for my mother-in-law lined up. Ideally, for her birthday in January…but she’s not expecting it and if I don’t make it in time…ah well.
And I have some very expensive and very pretty 100% wool to make the kidlet a sweater. Probably for next winter, at the rate I’m moving.

Well…I may have to knit it 6’ x 8’, but better a blanket than something that actually needs to actually fit body parts.

Let me just point out that dpns are way easier to work than you think they’re going to be. The first time is sort of weird, but honestly, you’ll get the hang of it in NO time. Seriously. Alternately, you can do things in the round on circulars - I make all of my socks on two circs now, rather than dpns.

I’m certainly willing to try…after I get all this other stuff done :slight_smile:

It WILL feel like wrangling an octopus the first couple of times, though. I CAN do it, but not well. Ever since I learned the two-circular method I haven’t even bothered to dpn.

Which one? I’m planning on making the Hackey Sack Hoodie for my 10 year old.

I just finished knitting the Skull Islehat for him.

I’m not a knitter, but I’m stepping in to say that that skull hat is awesome!

I have one sock plus the cuff knit (Christmas present. Was thinking of knitting 2 or 3 pairs of socks, but it’s not going to happen).

The body for a sweater for my niece is almost done–just need to shape the back and bind off. (And knit sleeves, and a collar). Also Christmas present.

And I’m to the point of decreasing on the oversized leaf-shaped dishcloth I’m knitting. (following the pattern directions on the ball band). If I knit it again, I’ll make it smaller.

More likely though, I’ll knit a half dozen other dishcloths, and give them away as Christmas presents. All from one color of Sugar and Cream. (It’s smokey wine, so it looks kinda half way between fall leaf colors and Christmas colors. Lots of natural, with pink and red splotches and grey-green splotches).

I don’t know offhand what it’s called, and my knee is aching so I’m not going to go upstairs to check. It’s the yellow one, that sort of has a squares pattern on it. I’m making it in grey.

YOU are the reason I got the book from the library - I saw the pics of your kid (on Ravelry) and thought I’d have a boo at the book.

I’ve started spinning some custom wool roving, the colour is called Cosmic Creepers. Pretty. I have 12 ounces of it. I’m hoping to be able to spin it consistently fingering or lace weight, and then I’m going to make a big old shawl out of it.

Kind of a hijack, but whenever I see knitters get together, I like to share this with them.


Right now? Working on some socks, a scarf and a shawl. The same shawl that was the Spring kit from this year. :stuck_out_tongue: I had to rip back a bit, but I think I’m on track again.

And next week I leave on a knitting retreat! At Delta Kananaskis, the teachers are Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (my first choice for Friday’s class, which I got into!), Cookie A, Stefanie Japel and Nancy Bush and Saturday we’ll also have Amy R. Singer. It’ll be hard to pick which classes I want on Saturday, and there will be some kind of a lotto system for the classes that day. I think half my bag will be yarn since we need to pack for whatever classes we hope to get in to…

I love that video kaylasdad99!

That place is stunningly beautiful. I hope you have a great time, and learn a lot! We have Stitches East coming up here next weekend, and since I’m still a baby knitter I didn’t sign up for anything. I will know better next time around.

I’m working on a sweater for Angelboy right now, using a circular needle. I like using a circular needle because my wrists don’t get tired from the weight of the long straight needles (you know what I’m talking about); also, when I knit in the break room at work, I don’t keep poking the person sitting next to me with the end of my straight needle.

The sweater I’m working on right now is a hooded sweater, knit in one piece, with a zipper down the back. The original pattern is found in “Knitting Digest”, the July 2000 issue.

Love, Phil

A baby hoodie, and I’ve missed the first two due dates (the baby’s actual due date and the date I went to go see the baby). But I’m nearly done now, so it should be finished by the next time I see the kid, but before he outgrows it.

My friend Leslie taught me to knit all of two months ago, and right now I’m hard at work on a scarf and a baby hat. Once I’ve got those finished, I can start another, larger hat. I’m excited!