Knitting a flag with 25-foot needles

Yup, 25-foot-long needles. Aluminum poles tipped with wooden points. 900 pounds of 18-inch-wide felt strips for yarn.

Who’s holding the knitting needles? No, not Godzilla – two 30-foot-long excavator machines. Here’s the story.

Want to know more about the artist? Besides the fact that he has spun and knit steel wool? And made a teddy bear out of Kevlar? Check him out here. To see a scale model of the knitting machine, click into the browse portfolio link and check out the big projects links.

Oh, crapola – the link to the story was messed up. This one should work.

I never was a great knitter, but boy, does that make me feel inadequate!

I live about an hour from North Adams. I’m gonna see if anyone wants to take a road trip with me this weekend. It would be so cool to see the process up close.

Can you imagine what this guy might come up with if he ever took up crocheting?

Can a guy be a hooker? LOL I just emailed this to a few knitting friends. Any way to do this on a smaller scale, as a fundraiser?

Ona smaller scale? Like maybe with Bobcats and vaulting poles?

OMG! Okay, I know a guy involved in this project! His girlfriend is my workstudy student at work. I see he doesn’t get a mention in that article, so hello to the artist’s studio assistant Clark! He was also involved in the project in Providence.

I see that I also know the artist who made the print for the installation.

And there’s a picture of Clark in that link, too! Look how young he was!

Okay, how lame am I. I work a block from the original site (and did then) and never saw it. :smack: