Knitting a poncho

I know next to nothing about knitting, but it’s one of my mother’s favorite winter activities, and she’s very taken with those poncho-style knitted shawls that are so popular in stores right now. We had a look around a craft shop for some patterns, and I’ve tried to google a little, but…I know next to nothing about knitting.

Any knitting Dopers know where I can find some nice poncho patterns for my mother?

a lot of the yarn companies have web sites that have free patterns. Here’s an example Lion Yarn. Also at the yarn marts, there’s usually a bunch of freebie project sheets. I’ve seen a couple for ponchos … though I crochet, and don’t know how to knit.

Check out “Patternworks” magazine. They had a couple patterns available in the last issue. Those ponchos MUST be popular. There was a TV commercial I saw the other day that had the three principal actors garbed in ponchos of various styles.

I’m knitting a poncho right now. I wrote my pattern a couple of nights ago, based off this one from Knitty. (Knitty is my favorite knitting website. ALL the patterns are free.) Mine has a yarn over eyelet border that you can thread ribbon or tulle through.

It’s pretty simple – all you do is knit a 30"x60" rectangle, fold short sides together, and then seam and leave an opening for your head. You could make it longer or shorter, depending on whether or not you like the length of the one in the pattern. Mine isn’t as wide, because I’m short.

Knitty has one other poncho pattern, I think. I remember not liking it.

Interweave Knits magazine had some poncho patterns in the spring issue, I think. You might want to check out their website.

Ponchos are all the rage now, aren’t they? And they’re extremely easy to make!

Places to find free patterns:

Restless Knitter’s blog: : scroll down and look on the left side for a bunch of links to free patterns

Berroco has a bunch of shawl/poncho/wrap patterns here. And if you want to see some pretty ones in fine wool yarn, go to Morehouse Merinos.

That should get you started. Many patterns are just for two rectangles that are hemmed together. Or you can knit a lacy one like this. That’s the one I want. :smiley:

Thank you very much for your help. She’s already picked out three from the first link that she thinks she might like to try, and I’ll show her the rest tomorrow. I told her the Straight Dope can do anything.

How is this thing going to keep the rain out?

Dang, that was my first thought too. Is that a guy thing? I was like, “knitting a poncho, is that like knitting a tent?”

So is that a real poncho, or is that, like, a Sears poncho? :slight_smile:

Yes, yes I did open this thread just to say that. Why did you ask?

(I do knit, but I, er, can’t purl so good, so I won’t be knitting any ponchos any time soon. Plus I think they’re ass ugly, but nobody asked me.)

Do one in the round, and you won’t have to purl, just knit!

(I think most of them are ugly too, but there ARE some pretty ones. But they’re a little harder than knit 2 rectangles+sew them together. What cracks me up is how much today’s patterns look like the ones in my knitting books and magazines from the 70’s & 80’s. Another fashion trend that has come around again in my lifetime.)

That’s what I thought when I saw one of the sewn together rectangles earlier this spring - “ah, handknit poncho from a 70s pattern.” But then, after seeing three or four (that same day), with exactly the same pattern (two rectangles, done in garter stitch with two cables), I realized people were paying for them.

I like the ones that aren’t like two rectangles but are more shapely.

Is eyelash yarn finally out of style? If I have to see one more hairy scarf, I’m gonna barf.

I think it was a recent Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine that had me thinking “Return with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear!” when I looked at the poncho patterns.

The poncho thing will probably burn out more quickly than the scarf thing. I’m a little worried about all these new yarn stores that are heavily stocked with “scarf yarns.”

I thought to have it come out in garter stitch in the round it had to be, you know, a round thing? With the ends linked up? That’s how I make my condom hats. (I knit two things - ugly scarves and hats that look like condoms. It relaxes me between big needlework projects. :slight_smile: )

Ponchos are round, serapes are square. Or rectangular. And knitting round and round gives you stockinette stitch. To get garter stitch in the round, you have to knit a row and purl a row.

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