"Knock! Knock!" goes the unmannered, dumbass bitch

First, a little back story: the antagonist of this story (let us call her UDB) and I were acquaintances and then friends for a year or so. UDB had a horrible track record with guys; she was THAT girl. That one girl that EVERYONE knows. The girl who thrives on male attention and bounces from guy to guy because she needs to feel loved. Before long, she showed interest in my best friend and I tried to persuade both of them that dating would be a bad idea; yet, no one listens to me.

Eventually (read: three months later) their relationship collapsed in a rather messy manner. Without going into details and a lengthy tangent, I was left to choose between the two of them. Obviously I chose my best friend (I had wanted to spend less time with UDB for a while, but the best friend/BF insisted I be nice to her while they were dating). At some point during all this she left her watch at my house and this is where the story begins.

UDB told all of our mutual friends that I was keeping her watch from her and, “Tell her I want my damn watch back now.” Indeed. Mind you, she never even tried to get a hold of me. I tried calling her many times, but her number was changed (no one had the new number). I would have just dropped it by her and her parent’s house, but I knew she was going to be out of state for a summer program and didn’t want to leave it on her porch for Lord knows how long. I knew I would be seeing her at the end of the summer, so I thought, “No biggie, I shall give it to her then. I think I’ll say I’m sorry that everything happened the way it did, because this hostility is lame.”

This plan was all well and good until last night. Let me set the scene: 11:30 PM on a Sunday night. I’m awake in the back of the house, but all the interior lights are off-hell, all the exterior lights are off. Now, allow me to address her:

What the fuck is your problem? Were you raised by wolves? No wait, that is an insult to wolves! Honestly, who the fuck rings someone’s doorbell on a Sunday night at almost midnight?

I mean, I guess it would make sense if you saw people in the living room – no fuck that! It would have been completely uncalled for even then. Not only did you ring the bell once, you rang it THREE TIMES. You woke up my dad (who is pissed off at me now) and made me freak out thinking something was wrong because someone was ringing my doorbell at fucking 1130!

Why couldn’t you call? Why the hell couldn’t you come earlier in the day? Fuck that! Why couldn’t you come the next day?

Oh and don’t you dare tell our acquaintances that you apologized to me for showing up that late (which you have already done). You said, “Yeah um…like…sorry if I like woke you or WHATEVER. I want my watch.” You would think that the crazy look I gave you would have told your dumb ass that this wasn’t a good time.

It just boggles my mind that someone would be* THAT* rude. Our problems aside, I would NEVER show up at someone’s fucking house, uninvited, without calling on a Sunday night. Hell, I wouldn’t show up like that anytime. All of this for a fucking $25, ugly ass watch you bought that the fucking mall (I say this simply to express that we aren’t talking a Rolex here).

For the record, I gave her the watch without saying anything. Of course, now I am thinking up all kinds of fun and creative things I should have said.

Feel free to share your, “Were you raised by wolves” stories.

You shoulda let Scooby eat her (or at least slobber her to death).

Why is the antagonist called UDB?

Scooby was also asleep. Well, until she rang the door bell. How dare that dumb bitch wake up Scoobums?!? :slight_smile:

UDB: Unmannered, dumbass bitch.

Well, how was she supposed to know how late it was? You had her watch! :wink:

I guess its best to move on and forget it after venting but you would have been within your rights to rtell her what you thought and send her away to come back another day.

That might have just provoked some childish retaliation so better to tell jer her action is inappropriate give her the friggin watch and send her away.
I have a great story about a friend at work

Eric is a big kind guy with an easy going style and a good sense of humor. He’s about 6 ft, 4 or 5 inches and about 250 pounds.
He gets a call one night from a female friend of his {not girlfriend} She says she got a ride home from the bar with some guy and when she wouldn’t invite him in he got nasty. She said her boyfriend {fiction} would be home soon and this jerk says. “Ih yeah well I’m coming back with a baseball bat to talk to him.” Eric agrees to go over and sleep on the couch just in case. He just dozes off when someone strats pounding on the door. He looks through the peep hole and sees the jerk with a baseball bat and another guy supporting him. eric waiys a bit and the guy continues to pound on the door. He’s wondering what to do. Thinking he might call the cops he looks at the phone and happens to see a roll of quarters sitting by the phone. Suddenly he realized he was really pissed at this idiot as well.
He qrapped one big fist around the quarters and began to prepare by the door. Standing sidewats he got himself ready to unlock it. Imagine the adreniline riseing in this big kid. He quickly unlocjed the door swung it open and drobe that big fist holding the quarters right in the guys face then slammed the door shut and locked it again. He waited a minute and looked out the peephole. Sgit for brains was spread eagle on the walkway out cold and his friend was trying to pick him up without much success. He waited a while longer and looked again only to see the partner coming back to get the bat and skulk away.

What majes me roar with laughter at this was that Eric was a little scared but the guys outside they saw a different view. The door swings open and there’s no conbersation just BA BOOM and the door slams shut again. I’m sure they didn’t know about the role of quarters either. All they saw was a looming shadow that took the guy out with one punch and slammed the door like he was dismissing a minor annoyance. Hilarious.

I wonder if tthey ever tried to find out who it was or did they just lick their wounds and call it a day. I wonder if jerkface learned anything or just made up some lies about it.
“That big bruise?” A couple of guys jumped me at the bar. I kicked their ass but they got in a good lick." Uh huh?

Only if she’s bathed recently. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hardy har har…har (where is that death glare smiley when I need one?).


[…applause…] A great story indeed! Courage is not being unafraid. Anyone can act if they’re not afraid. Courage is acting in spite of fear.

"So I broke up with my boyfriend a while ago. Again. I don’t know why relationships don’t work out for me. This breakup really did a number on me, too, and it sure didn’t help that he had this friend who was always whispering in his ear about what a slut and a bitch I supposedly am.

"So long story short, she has my watch. Not a very expensive one, I admit, but hell, it’s my watch, and I want it back. First I was thinking, I don’t want to call her and have her rip me a new one all over again, or say, ‘Tell her I’m not here’, but then I thought, if I wait until I get back from my summer program, she’ll be like ‘Watch? What watch?’. Then I realized it was getting pretty late, so I went by her place; I figured she’d still be up.

“And the funny thing is, as soon as I saw her, I wasn’t mad any more; I actually felt pretty bad about being there so late. It’s just hard to say anything to her when she gives me bitchface like she does. She just handed me the watch, and I guess that’s it. I hope she’s not going to go talk shit about me to her friends, about how I’m now a late-night-doorbell-ringing slut, instead of just a slut. But hell, it was my property; the least she can do is give me my property.”

Rilchiam I assure you that she would have been more vulgar than that ;).

And I simply cannot buy that it was late and she just decided to stop by. Hell, that’s the point of this thread- who the holy hell shows up at 1130 to get a watch? (And, if I remember correctly, she is between summer programs for a few weeks- so she could have come by…oh I don’t know, during the day!

And she was mad when she saw me. She had that eye rolling, neck twirling, attitude filled look to her. I know it well as I have seen her use it on others. Funny thing is: unlike everyone else, she doesn’t intimidate me at all.

It still boggles my mind. It really, really does.