Knocking through to next door

Im looking for the general procedure used when one would be knocking two houses together to make one big house.

If the information could be tailored to the UK or specifically Scotland it could be a big help.

An end terrace and the terrace next door has come up for sale, now I dont want to buy them and find that this can’t be done, but I dont want permission to take too long.

The properties are catergory C listed buildings, although reading the listing, no details have been taken for the interiors at all.

I phoned Fife council’s planning and building standards dept. and had the pleasure of speaking to their biggest muppet. He couldn’t tell me much at all, except that I should acquire listed building consent.

What I am really interested in is, how can I get someone from the council to, in writing, state that I can create an adjoing door between the properties and register the two as one for council tax purposes?

Finally I would like to know who to talk to (the muppet at council didnt know this) to find out if I need to have one electric and gas meter removed. And how I register the dwelling as just one address.

If anyone has any experience at all it will be most greatly appreciated.

Perhaps these people may be able to help?

I doubt anyone at the council will commit themselves as it will end up before their planning consent committee at some point.
I’d say you’d be best consulting a local solicitor with a conveyancing/property background (most of them, I expect) who will know the ropes and what’s likely to be permissable. I assume you’d be using one anyway for the purchases…