Know Any Good Applicant Tracking Software?


Our poor, overworked HR staff needs a good applicant tracking program and I don’t have time to build it. We’ve looked at TalentPool, but I’m interested in other software anyone out there might have used. We need something that will suit a technology-focused company with 250 to 750 employees, and can gather information straight from e-mail, including resumes coming in from Monster and Hot Jobs. My company runs Windows XP and Office XP and this will be used at one location with multiple users.

[li]What have you worked with?[/li][li]Was it any good?[/li][li]What did you like most about it?[/li][li]What did you like least about it?[/li][li]How much did it cost?[/li][/ul]

I’m our resident developer and my own preference is to have something based on MS Access, but I’ll consider anything.

Thanks in advance,
CJ the overworked

What? Not even someone asking if this means we’re hiring? We are, by the way. Yes, this is a blatant bump! I’ve got enough to do at the moment without building recruiting software from scratch.

Any suggestions at all out there?

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