Know any Olympic medalists?

With the Winter Olympics in full swing, I thought I’d ask around to see if anyone here actually knows any Olympic medalists.

One of my teachers in high school won the gold medal in the slalom in 1972. (Yes, she’s the one from the US.)

I always thought it was kinda neat that I know a gold medalists. And it’s not like it was any big thing in our town, Hell, I think most people don’t even know (I don’t think she gew up in my hometown, but moved there after winning, so that might be why.) She was the teacher for some of the health classes, and for some reason, we got to talking about skiing, and she just casually mentioned that she had an Olympic gold medal, the way you or I might say we won $5 in bingo last week.

Michellie Jones won the silver medal in the women’s triathlon back in the 2000 Olympics.

She trains (at least part of the time) in San Diego, and knows an ex-boyfriend of mine that I was dating back in 2000. I met her at a party in honor of her going to Greece.

Funny enough, I ran a half marathon on Sunday, and she was there. Of course she doesn’t recognize me, because I spoke to her once several years ago, but hey, there you go.

Yeah, I know Carrie Graves, the Univ. of Texas Women’s Rowing coach. She won the gold in '76 and the bronze in ‘84 in the women’s eight. She was part of a crew that broke major new ground in rowing and women’s sports in general. She’s also one of the main focus’ of the book, The Red Rose Crew, which is a pretty good read if anyone’s interested in rowing.

There are a fair number of ex-Olympians living in Austin but I can’t remember any of the other ones.

Yes, a yachtsman who won a gold medal at the 2000 Olympics.

I was friends at college with Dana Chladek who won a silver in K-1 Kayak in Atlanta in 1996. My roommate was on the Olympic ski jumping teams in 1988 and 1992, and I knew several other skiers on the nordic, alpine, and biathalon teams, but none of them have medaled. One is competing in Turino now: go SKonrad!

My friend’s mother was an olympic swimmer and she did win a medal though I cannot remember which one.

Not directly. How many degrees of separation am I allowed? :wink:

Yep. A high school classmate of mine won the bronze medal in the 200 meter butterfly at Munich.

My family is loosely acquainted with the family of Jim Fuchs, 2-time bronze medalist in the shotput (1948, 1952). I’ve attended parties at his house and shaken his hand. Good grip!

Saying that I “knew” him would be a bit much, but Reiner Klimke - 6 gold, 2 bronze, 6 world championships and 11 european championships in dressage - was my grandparents’ neighbor.

Oooooh! Dressage! :wink:

I’ve been in the same room with Charles Moore, who won a gold track medal in the '50’s when he was Athletics Director at my Alma Mater. My good friend Tom worked in the Atletics Dep’t at the time and knows him well.


I went on a whitewater raft ride on the Colorado and I’m pretty sure my guide was an Olympic rafter. Her name was Kathryn, I think, nicknamed Bugs.

My ex-boyfriend went to school with one of the Gold Medal gymnasts from the Women’s Team in the last Summer Olympics. Courtney something, from Lee’s Summit. He said she wore too much eye makeup and was a huge bitch.

I went to high school with Nancy Kerrigan, though I was better acquainted with her younger brother.

The vice-principal at my elementary school was on the 1952 ice hockey team. They won the silver, but someone stole all their medals before they’d even gotten on the plane home.

I kinda knew skater Paul Wylie from college, but I doubt he’d remember me.

Courtney McCool. She’s probably a huge bitch because she never learnt (had time) to socialise normally, training 30 - 40 hours a week.

My son’s Tai Kwan Do instructor is Manuel Jurado, Bronze medalist at the Korean Olympics.
Hellofa nice guy, very soft spoken and polite as you would expect a martial arts master to be.
And he’s the onle sensai (or whatever the Korean word is) I’ve ever met who hands-on teaches the beginners classes as well as the black belts.

Kathy Gleason’s father was my PE teacher in elementary school, if that counts for anything.

I’ve said “Hi” to, and my brother is on a first name basis (and has double-dated with) Steve Scott, who had an excellent shot at being an Olympic medalist, except for the Moscow boycott. I did see him run in '84, in person. He said he had a bad day. He came in 10th in the 1500m. He did win a silver medal in the 1500 at the World Championships.

Nope, not a one. Not even a ‘my weatherman’s dog was once treated at the vet of this one guy who grew up down the street of this store that once got robbed by the same guy who was in prison with this guard who once stopped these kids on bikes from getting run over by this one woman who trained Joe Olympic for 20 minutes back in 1960…’ story.

My aunt’s brother (no, not my uncle) won a bronze in figure skating in the Special Olympics.

Does that count?

I was acquainted with the late Carmen Barth, who won a boxing gold medal at the 1932 Olympics.