Know any TV shows/films about LGBT Families?

You folks have helped me out with stuff like this before, and I need your wisdom again. I’m looking for a 10 minute clip from a movie or a tv show about LGBT families to show before a panel discussion about the same topic. I just want something to raise questions, get people talking and thinking, that sort of thing. Any ideas?

And no, I don’t think queer as folk counts (unless they’ve probed some deeper issues since the first part of the first season). :wink:

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love has some scenes, as does part II of * If These Walls Could Talk*. I’ve seen tons of stuff at GLBT film festivals, but I don’t know how readily available these films are. There’s a documentary called It’s Elementary that talks about teaching gay acceptance in schools; I think there might be some families in there.

You could try to edit down some scenes from Queer as Folk with Lindsay, Melanie and Gus. Torch Song Trilogy has some scenes with a single gay parent raising a gay teenage son. Further suggestions might depend on your definition of “LGBT family.” In my opinion the houses from Paris is Burning would qualify.

Linda Ellerbee did a controversial documentary for Nickelodeon last year that featured articles on Rosie O’Donnell and other lesbian moms as well as the Lofton/Croteau family (a story that’s enough to disgust anybody saner than Fred Phelps on the idiocy of the religion driven HR policies in Florida).