Know of some bad history sites?

[sub]A.k.a. a poll of misinformation…[/sub]

I’ll come clean and admit this popped into my head after seeing an extra-credit history assignment…

My question is: does anyone know of any sites out there that sincerly have just flat out wrong history information on them, but are ironic/funny also? I’m not talking satire, like The Onion, but things like a site of someone who honestly belives little green and purple men from Galaxy Z gave the Allies the tools they needed to crack Germany’s secret codes, and has the ‘proof’ for it.

I’m not having much of a problem finding sites with misleading/incorrect information on them: I just got curious as to if there were any really good(?!) gems out there that I’m missing in the sea of google searches.

<< What we learn from history is that we fail to learn from history. >>

I’ve always been a fan of That Wacky Millennium! and its follow-up, That Wacky Century! Athough a majority of the history is correct, most nuggets of history are not, and the all end in a phrase that starts with “Those wacky…” or “That wacky…”

For example:

follows link and peeks

Good humor there: but I think it falls more under satire. Doesn’t take away from the reading value though.

"1985 — “New Coke” appears, at about the same time the old radioactive water problems at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant are cleaned up. (Coincidence? Read the book!) Those wacky Edsel-like marketing blunders! "

I always knew there was a reason why I didn’t like New Coke! :smiley:

<< Foo. >>

Ahem…Where to start…


Go to that site, if no others.

looks at that last link by Meatros

Oh. My… I’m speechless. :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Now why in the world can’t I find sites like these when I’m looking for them?

You’ll have to dig around on this site, but its got all kinds of wacky things on it, from chupacabras to LGM (Little Green Men), and things you don’t even want to think about.

Oh yeah, and another wacky site that I’ve posted in one thread already today seems applicable as well!

Hi! I thought this would be a good topic to start posting with. I hope this works. How about these: The Unnatural History Museum Graham Hancock’s offical site Zecharia Sitchin’s offical site Atlantas man and dinosaurs co-existed Forbidden Archeology Eygpt, Atlantis and UFO’s Whitley Strieber’s offical site, he really belives in everything Dark Star Theory The Hall of Ma’at, you will find some odd theroies and links on the messageboard

You might also want to check out Jack Chick’s website-it’s a virtual treasure trove.

Wow! A bevy of sites…

eyes previous list she compiled
eyes these sites
Damn. Maybe I should hire myself out… if you’re looking for wacky stuff, let me try to find it: I’ll flush all the good stuff your way.

Thank you to everyone who’s contributed so far: now I’ll have lots of good reading to keep me entertained! Woo!

Darn. When I saw the thread’s title, I thought that this might be about Historical Sites with bad history…you know, like the haunted lake where the sexy teenagers died skinny-dipping 100 years ago tonight. :wink:

(They found a human skeleton in the park where they filmed part of A.I., if that helps. )