Know Your Super Villains: A Quiz

Comics Supervillains only–no capes, no death rays, no service, so to speak. :wink: :smiley:
The poster who can answer the previous question, can post a new question.

I’ll begin.
Given what we know about the Joker, he has a college degree. What field does the Joker hold a degree in?



I seem to recall Chemistry, with an Art minor.

Close enough.

He was employed as a chemical engineer at Ace Chemicals, ergo that’s his most likely degree.

You ask, now, dasgupta.

Hmm… I was always more of a Batman reader, so I’ll stay in that 'verse.

What serial killer cum Batman villian kept a tally of each kill, and as a bonus, how did was the tally kept?

Preview is my friend :smack:

You can mentally remove that “did” from the question.

Victor Zsasz, by cutting it into his body.

Right you are!

Victor Zsasz, who carved a mark on his body for every victim.

What Superman villain murdered the son of Daily Planet reporter Cat Grant?

sigh I was so excited I knew that … and too late. :frowning:

Toyman. Winslow Schott.

Which Superman villain was depicted on an amusing cover riding Superman like a bucking bronco? :wink:

It’s one of the very few things I can remember from reading some random comics a friend has. I’m not very up on this kind of detail, though, so I can’t think of a question myself - just go with yours. :slight_smile:

You know, until you said that I thought the guy that was put in Arkham in Batman Begins was supposed to be Charles Victor Szasz, “The Question.”


You are correct! I love that cover - it’s just so wrong.

Terra Man.

Aquaman has had two sons. Both were killed. Who killed each one?

Black Manta, I think.

Oh, hang on, Spectre killed the other one! (The annoying one) when he smashed up their city, correct?

If so…hmm. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen have had three (human) opponents who might be charactersied as “supervillains”. Who were they, and, for a bonus point, what happened to each of them?