Knuckle-cracking as pain relief

Inspired by this thread

I give massages based upon a bastardized version of accupressure - manipulation of pressure points, etc., via strong pressure exerted through the fingertips. After massaging for a while, my knuckles start to ache, and I have to stop. However, if I crack my knuckles, I am able to continue the massage. What’s happening?


Hey Sua. I have had the same kind of experience when i’ve been doing some late night programing. After a few hours and a few hundred Jolt cola’s my knuckles feel really tight and stiff to move. But a quick snap and a click and they seem to be fine again in a few seconds. Although for a moment after I do crack them they seem to get worse to move but as I said after that I feel much better.

Once again I may be a child but I have a small amount of knowledge in this endevour as well.I am a writer. I write on my hobbies occasionally and when I write I often write for hours.I have the same problem with my fingers.I write constantly and my fingers cramp and I am unable to write even small words. I then take a few seconds to crack my knuckles and am just fine to write for another few hours(until I have to crack them again).I’m not really sure about this for me though it might be out of habit…