Knuckles in Sonic 2: how to beat

There is a way to beat out Knuckles’ version of Sonic 2, in the Death Egg Zone (the one where it was said that he could not beat out the final boss because he couldn’t get up high enough). First, get all the way over to the right, and strike the first one or two hits. Then, when the big death robot moves back prior to its launch, land another hit. Go to the left of the screen, and just prior to when the inner targeting circle flashes (this means that the death robot will land shortly), run or dash off all the way to the right. The death robot will shoot out its arms, but you’ll be far enough away from them. When the robot lifts off again, get over to the fourth observation window from the right, and face leftward. Just as before, move back to the right before the death robot crashes down. The robot will face leftward, and shoot out two mines which will explode; make sure that you are far enough to the right and that the mines are fully exploded before you proceed. Then proceed slowly and cautiously behind the robot (just as you did at the start), and as before, land one or two hits prior to the robot’s launch. Rinse and repeat, and eventually Knuckles will defeat the death robot, and you will have beaten the game. The end sequence will play as normal, except Knuckles-flavored.

Thank god! Now I can get back to that 10-line proof of Fermat’s last theorem that I was working on before I got sidetracked by Sonic.


Was this supposed to be a reply to an old thread, or one from another MB maybe? Were you trying to post to a GameFAQs forum? I mean, the only way to even play as Knuckles in StH2 is to lock a Sonic 2 genesis cartridge onto a Sonic & Knuckles cartridge. How many people besides the two of us actually gave enough of a shit to ever try it out? Not to be mean, but I’m having trouble seeing why you felt this needed a new thread.

Thank Christ! Now how in the blue hell do I get past those drums in Carnival Night in Sonic 3? I’ve been waiting 18 years to complete that game.

Hey guys, you can get 30 lives in Contra by pressing up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, at the title screen.

In case there is anyone who still hasn’t figured this out, here’s a funny youtube video that answers the question. NSFW for some swearing.

I’ve got two questions. Is there some secret to jumping really high in Brave Fencer Musashi? Is there some kind of secret to jumping in Terover?

How dare you not spoiler this game cheat!?


Us THREE, thank you.

  • Jragon, proud Sega kid.

Indeed, for my next revelation, I will spoiler for those who haven’t yet played the game:

The princess is in another castle.

Now if anyone could just tell me how to beat JJ & Jeff for the turbografx.